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DmC Devil May Cry: “We don’t want the series to die”

X360M - Ninja Theory hasn’t exactly had an easy ride since it revealed the new-look Dante that would take the spotlight in its forthcoming reboot. But Capcom’s supervising director and Devil May Cry veteran Hideaki Itsuno is pleased with what the studio has done, and explains why it outsourced one of its most cherished franchises in the first place. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Max-Zorin  +   994d ago
According to a lot of fans, the series is dead.
OptimisticPrime  +   994d ago
It's a good fuckin game.

Next topic for cry baby fanboys to bitch and moan about please.
Lord_Sloth  +   994d ago
No, it's a decent game but a miserable Devil May Cry title.

If it were a new IP it would be viewed on it's own merits but since it is not, it is being stacked up against it's predecessors to which it does not compare.

Also, here's a note, New Dante is 27 and this game is a reboot, not a prequel. This isn't the same Dante, he will never grow into the same Dante. It's an entirely different timeline.
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WeAreLegion  +   993d ago
You obviously haven't played the game.
NeXXXuS  +   994d ago
I don't think it's dead. I however think that the series never needed a reboot in the first place. DmC 4 was amazing even though you only use Dante for a slight portion of the game. Nero was a pretty amazing protagonist.

@Optimistic - It might be a good game, but it certainly isn't Devil May Cry.

For future disagrees - This would have made a good game if it wasn't DmC. Ninja Theory changed it up too much and didn't listen to the fans of the original DmC. I'm not buying this game because Ninja Theory fails as a developer. Now look at Naughty Dog. They know how to please their fans and listen to their concerns. That is what a real developer should be like. Even Bioware listened to fans and tried to make up for that terrible ending in Mass Effect 3. They did a good job too, even if the new ending was bittersweet.

@Optimistic again - I have to respectfully disagree on too many levels. Reboot means that the series is restarted. The game isn't a prequel. The old Dante had a cool personality and was a ladies man. Facial features for the new Dante are obviously completely different as well. Again, the game isn't a prequel like you think it is (I hope you don't):

"It is SO believable that young dante grows into the dante everyone loves from 4. He's older, less immaturely brash..."

There was no reason to reboot the series when it was already an amazing game in the first place. Dramatically changing the story, the way Dante looks, and the environments are not original DmC.
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OptimisticPrime  +   994d ago
It isn't what dmc USED to be... It obviously was made by western developers but I have played through the new game 3 times already and I was inspired to play through 4 again. It is SO believable that young dante grows into the dante everyone loves from 4. He's older, less immaturely brash...

But what most of the flamers don't realize, the new dante chills out on the "FUCK YOU!" nonsense by a quarter of the way through the game. I have literally laughed out loud a couple times cause the actor does a good job w his humor. I think they did a good job.

Technically speaking? Unreal was a poor choice. Historically poor performance on ps3 (which is where the majority of the fan base is) and the downgrade to 30 FPS are regrettable, but the game itself is good and it still really feels like Dante's personality would have been when he was younger...
wishingW3L  +   994d ago
1) DMC1 was the very first fast paced action game ever created. This game is innovation in its purest form.

2) DMC2 is a mess of a game from gameplay to story to overall design. The only good thing about it is that it had better graphics than the first game.

3) DMC3 made Dante younger and it was the first hack and slash game ever to allow original combos thanks to cancels ala 2D fighting games. This is DMC at its best.

4) DMC4 brought a new protagonist and when you finally got the chance to play as Dante near the end of the game it was just to backtrack through the same stages you have already beaten (sames bosses too!). This game is the very definition of a lazy job but it has the best battle system in the series.

5) DMC reboot, NT ruined everything. The game still has cancels but they are ugly, slow and pointless because you have infinite air-time with the angel weapon and you can string any kind of move-set to one another with no timing or skill required. NT turned the series into a button masher with an angsty protagonist, excessive cursing, tacky sex scenes, pointless platforming and bad frame-rate. If people like this game it's for the wrong reasons. They like it because it's easy and flashy, this game is the Call of Duty of the series.
OptimisticPrime  +   994d ago
No I don't think it's a prequel. I'm just pointing out that he has the same personality as the dante that everyone wishes he was, just younger. If (or when) capcom continues this new Dante's story, it would seem at least at a character level that he is like the old dante to some degree. Hell, he matures a lot throughout the story. He isn't the same at all by the end as the overly expletive dick he starts off with in a threesome with 2 strippers
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N4GDgAPc  +   994d ago

I know you haven't played the game because YOU can NOT button mash through DmC. You will die. And its not a cake walk through the game on harder difficulties like all the haters say it is which goes to show they never played the game. It is a challenge to beat it. I just beat Son of Sparda and it was challenging.
Heisenburger  +   994d ago
DmC Devil May Cry: We don’t want the series to die. We could not, would not, should not try.

I would not eat it in a box. I would not eat it with a fox.

I do not like green eggs and ham.
NeXXXuS  +   994d ago
Level: Shakespearean
Eamon  +   994d ago
LOL this gave me a good laugh. Encore!
strigoi814  +   994d ago
its just starting with me..
TemplarDante  +   994d ago
If Capcom (Those backstabbers) carry on with Emo drama queen Donte, the series is ALREADY dead to me.
ziggurcat  +   994d ago
bu-bu-but i thought it wasn't about the hair?
wheresmymonkey  +   994d ago
No they got rid of him and replaced him with a cocky swaggering drunkard.

New Dante is less of an emo kid than the original one. Funny how every last hater instantly forgets all the moping he does in dmc1 and how agnsty he is about trish and his mum.
oNIXo  +   994d ago
Here, here.
vork77  +   994d ago
i just want this reboot series to die and them work on Devil may cry 5
DivineAssault  +   994d ago
its a cool game from what i played in the demo.. Im not buying it until the price drops tho.. Have bigger priorities at the moment like Ni No Kuni, GOW Ascension, Last of Us, etc.. Exclusives are day one buys for me with very few exceptions.. Theres only a small amount of multiplats that i dont feel let down or ripped off in the end after dropping $60.. Most are plague filled games with bugs that need patching & dlc to make it a full length game that shouldve been in it to begin with..

Dark Souls was a game that didnt even need dlc & felt complete just like demons souls.. Very few others were able to achieve that this gen.. Like capcoms fighters for example w multiple revamped releases.. smh Nope, ill be paying no more than $40 for DmC just like i did for DMC 4 a few months after release.. Im sure the sales will be enough to warrant a sequel to this reboot.. Tomb Raider may be another but not paying $60 for that 10hr game either.. Well maybe cuz it has multiplayer to keep the replay value up there.. 80z & up on metacritic w great replay value if im paying full price.. Thats just me tho..
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Grimhammer00  +   994d ago
I'm loving the new DMC! I played all previous DMCs and even that devil summoner rpg cross-over game.

I wonder how many dmc fans finished dmc 2? Not many. It wasn't great.....he was older and tamer. Even angry. But the last cut-scene....redeemed the story arc greatly for me. It gives you that flash of cocky arrogant Dante

The new reboot feels like a griping plausible stating point. (With tweaks....I mean, is the Poison rocker even relevant anymore?)

Gameplay is indeed easier.....but why whine? There's like gazillion difficulties! Even a one hit Dante's dead! How much harder could you possibly want it?!

My only complaint is the unreal engine is jittery sometimes. But not game breaking by any means.
Pozzle  +   994d ago
I don't really care that the reboot exists. I just don't want to see the original series die as a result of said reboot. I want DMC5 dammit!
CrimsonDragon90  +   994d ago
I played the new DmC and it sure felt different. Different but in a good way. I do hope they bring the old series back. But if not I'm cool with this reboot. Will be interesting what will happen next. Just can't stand how whiny fans are still talking smack about the new game. it's not that bad. They say its bad because they are still piss they didn't get dmc5. Sure I admit the game had some few issue like other games do. Like it was a little bit easy. And could have use a lock on button. But nowadays I find every game that's from my favorite series easy. Dmc 4 was a little easy compare to dmc 3. NGS2 and NG3 Where too easy compare to NG BLACK. I guess the dmc series is not the only series that will die. If games continue to get less challenging then what's the reason to play.
Whitefox789  +   993d ago
I'm more concerned with a line needing to be drawn for accessibility.
chukamachine  +   994d ago
I thought 4 was poor, tbh.

This game is better.
Hanso  +   994d ago
4 had atleast good boss fights
credo destroys all DmC bosses on his own
TheOneEyedHound  +   994d ago
What would Metal Gear Solid be with a new Solid Snake or Naked Snake? Someone make an artical.
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Blacktric  +   994d ago
MgS: Metal Gear Solid

Featuring Solid Snake, living in a van right next to a well known emo bar while cutting himself daily for the pain and agony he can't endure. But his life will change forever when he finds out that his best friend Miller is actually his twin brother in disguise who was sent to kill him due to being the last survivor of the failed test tube baby experiment made in the 80's, which was aimed for making babies that will grow up to kill the President of the United States.

Featuring James Franco as the voice and mo-cap actor of Solid Snake. And yes, he is high during all the performance capture.
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LordHiggens  +   993d ago
That was hilarious...bubbles for you.
Karum  +   994d ago
Love the new DmC game tbh and disagree with people saying this isn't a real DMC game.
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Gekko  +   994d ago
Then they should start cleaning their ears and begin listening to their fans. It's apparent that the majority weren't happy with this reboot from their vocality throughout the beginning of the development to the end but all they did was ignore them.
Plagasx  +   993d ago
It's RE6 all over again.

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