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Top 10 Best Fighting Games On PS3

Play-Mag - Fighting games! We love ‘em here in the Play office, although the level of skill on display ranges from stick-savvy pro to button-mashing scrub. The more talented among us have come together to create the definitive list of the ten best fighting games you can play on your PS3. (PS3)

Thirty3Three  +   457d ago
Uhh. Where's PlayStation All-Stars...?

Better put that to the top of your list and make it the top "11" games.
guitarded77  +   457d ago
All stars is great... serious omission in my opinion. Also, Mortal Kombat is missing. The newest game is great. It plays great and offers a lot while staying true to the originals.
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pandatomsk  +   457d ago
How is Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus R on that list when it hasn't even been released for PS3 yet??? Google much? Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus (NOT "R") JUST came out on psn a month ago or so. This article is very confused.

Edit: Here's an article that states the "R" update will not be available until SPRING. http://www.siliconera.com/2...

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cr33ping_death  +   457d ago
Sweet... my PS2 copy is useless since my Original 60gb PS3 fat died on me... didnt even know it was being released on PSN for the PS3 :)
doogiebear  +   457d ago
Persona 4 Arena; PSASBR; and Blaz Blu.

Nuff said.
Hicken  +   456d ago
I'll agree with that.
e-p-ayeaH  +   457d ago
Mortal Kombat where are you?
Jreca  +   457d ago
Hay, let aside PSASBR. where's KoF?
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kagon01  +   457d ago
To me are

KOFXIII(superior to everything else when it comes to gameplay)

P4A(To me this game is more fun and accessible than blazblue, I do like Blazblue just not as much as Persona 4 Arena)

SSFIV(Fun sometimes, unless you're playing against your typical Shoto spammer)

I wish there was Bloody Roar for this gen too bad Hudson is DEAD...
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MagneticDeath  +   457d ago
No DOA5?
born2live  +   456d ago
DOA has always been one of my favorites, but there hasn't been enough improvement over the last few iterations of the game...
pennywhyz  +   457d ago
This list blows.
TuxedoMoon  +   457d ago
Either the writer hasn't played PSABR or Mortal Kombat...or doesn't consider them good fighters. Most of the games on his list are very fast and technical. Mortal Kombat and PSABR are both slow when compared to something like Guilty gear or Blazblue. Technicality can be argued about for eons, so I won't get into that.
icecoldfire  +   457d ago
This website is clearly a Japanese fan boy one. Even MK9 is better than UMvC3 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in terms of content and story. Gameplay maybe simple but it takes time to master each and every character. The other two can be won by any noob by pressing random buttons very quickly. In MK9 you have to know the basics to even hit someone who is really good in them. Not a problem in TTT 2 since just pressing A and B together with either directional button, at random, can win you the entire match. UMvC3 does not have that much of a refined or complex fighting system as much as Street Fighter and is very boring most times.
Flipgeneral  +   456d ago
I understand your support for MK9...

But your complaints about the other fighting games....
EvilFluff91  +   457d ago
@icecoldfire You really haven't played Tekken have you, a button basher will always get there ass handed to them by an experienced player, in Tekken you have to be unpredictable in your offense because you'll get punished easily. I do agree with you though on MK9 having more content than the others.
icecoldfire  +   456d ago
I have TTT 2 and have serious fun with it with my brother and friends and online and I have just read what I have typed and yeah I came of a little stupid or a lot. But seriously my point being, the site does not acknowledge the hard work and execution of MK9 and should appreciate Non-Japanese fighting games.

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