Free Playstation Mobile games for the next 6 weeks

Nickerous writes, "Sony has done an outstanding job creating value for the Playstation Plus service by allowing users to play games for free (as long as you have the PS+ service, anyway). Now, they’ve gone a step further by giving out one free game a week for the next 6 weeks from their Playstation Mobile brand of games. "

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Chapulin1978d ago

Samurai Beatdown was pretty good and it was free.

profgerbik1978d ago

Come with trophies? I know most mobile games don't but I know some like Mutant Blobs and some others do.

Just wondering.

Krew_921977d ago

No PSM game has trophies, it's like PSP and Vita Minis.

Mutant Blobs is a PSN game, that's why it has trophies.

Rockefellow1978d ago

So I guess if we wait a few days, it's okay to submit old news and have it approved?

blackblades1978d ago

Knew about this since tuesday, always old news on here.

sypher1978d ago

Yep been playing Samurai Beatdown quite enjoying it.

delboy1978d ago

Is this only for Sony phones?

Hicken1978d ago

Or a Vita, or certain Android devices. I'm enjoying Samurai Beatdown right now. Game's lots of fun.

Krew_921977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

It's Android, I'm sure you can download the app if you're rooted somehow.

I think I read something about it a while ago, but I don't know you'd have to Google it...

Sort of how you can trick games that you have an Nvidia Tegra GPU.

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