Not All Of Black Ops II’s Emblems Are Penis Swastikas, You Know

Kotaku: The emblems in Call of Duty get such a bad rap. People would have you think it's a wasteland of genitalia, particularly penis swastikas. Sure, sure. Those types of emblems happen sometimes. Most of what I've come across aren't penis swastikas though. Actually, folks are using the 32 layer capacity of the emblem editor in Black Ops II to make some great things. Take a look in the gallery above.

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FriedGoat1770d ago

I do like the look of that emblem maker, shame it comes with another stale COD game.

RXL1770d ago

i like mines..
most others got the deadpool circle symbol..iv actually got Deadpool pointing a gun at you lol..

Heisenburger1770d ago

And I thought my Toucan Sam was cool.... :/

No damn raimbow bird can top Al Pacino.


Kingthrash3601770d ago

I have some classics but that scarface is nice. Almost tops my madara

InTheLab1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I either use Deathstroke or Red Hood. They both would look awesome if I had 10 more slots....

Heisenburger1769d ago

I think it's really cool(no sarcasm) that you made Deathstroke(the terminator). My favorite story arcs with Dick Grayson(my favorite comic book character) always involved Deathstroke.

Take care.

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