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Submitted by senorwakko 1116d ago | news

Rob Lowe blames “first shooter” games for gun violence

Actor Rob Lowe jumps on the NRA bandwagon, going on Piers Morgan Tonight this past Monday, blaming “first shooter” games as a reason for gun violence. (Industry)

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The_Infected  +   1117d ago
Dude whatever your an actor and Hollywood has more violence as games. I don't hear you blaming them? Take you blame some where else.
senorwakko  +   1116d ago
Couldn't agree with you more...
The_Infected  +   1116d ago
Thanks I'm just tired of this game blaming for everything crap. They're a million worse things out there.
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1116d ago
Idiots, you cant really argue with them.

Cod sells tens of millions, how many of those ppl go out and shoot others?
AAACE5  +   1116d ago
I noticed on the news that when they talk about the problems with violence they always say mental illness and then throw games in as well.

I have been playing shooter games since goldeneye and havent shot a living mf no matter how much of an @$$hole they are! or
Abdou23  +   1116d ago
How many times are we going to say that neither Video Games or Movies, not even guns kill people, People Kill People.

Fix the people first.
TongkatAli  +   1116d ago
Or more like the goverment kills people and makes it a spectacle with fake tears with a medical examiner who blew up the cover and photoshopped family pictures. This whole thing stinks like 9/11.
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RIPSKATEDESTROY  +   1116d ago
The first shooter video game stuff which – look, admittedly, I missed that generationally, so it’s not a thing for me. I’ve never played them, I don’t really get it. My kids do. And I just think kids growing up, blowing people away, blood, pulp, everywhere, and then turning it off and going to have a sandwich … I don’t think that that is good.” So why does he let his kids play them?
DeadlyFire  +   1115d ago
Why? Well personally they do nothing to the human mind. I have played DOOM on DOS and everything in between since I was 5 and my mind is not fucked up one bit.

A game is a game.
A movie is a movie.
Life is life.

The problem is some people can't see in-between. From lack of care with noone around them their mind bonds with violence as a reflection of how they feel. Nothing to do with what content they watch/play at all..............

The Newton shooting for example. Mother and then children were the victims in this case. Clearly he had an issue with his mother praising other people's children instead of him. Instead of talking about it he turned it all into violence. Some people do this. There is no way to stop that sort of thinking it develops from inside the home growing up.

Only thing people on the outside see is the things that the kids do or their activities as a reason when that is not the real case at all in any of these shootings.
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Tetsujin  +   1116d ago
Any movies this guy is in, regardless of how good or how much of a "hit" it is I will no longer watch unless its through "other" means. I'm sick of this "blame game" BS.
Ghoul  +   1116d ago
Don’t argue with idiots. They’ll drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.
Bathyj  +   1116d ago
Space Invaders?
nrvalleytime  +   1116d ago
If you're talking about most of Rob Lowe's worldview, yes. He is from space and doesn't really know much.
The_Klank  +   1116d ago
I wonder what games he played before being convicted of statutory rape. I mean it must all be connected right? This is how it works in his world?
The game probably was Space Invaders btw.
devilhunterx  +   1116d ago
I blame Rob Lowe for bad acting.
Pinkamena_Diane_Pie  +   1116d ago
The people who play violent video games then go out and commit violent atrocities were already VIOLENT to begin with.

If violent video games do anything, it's either quelling violent behavior as a means of release or simply fuels the individual's already violent nature to the point they go out and commit these heinous crimes IRL.

So lets finally forgo using scapegoats and get to the real problems, 1: Parents not taking care of their kids and 2: People who are mentally ill and exhibit a lack of compassion for life in the first place.
kayoss  +   1116d ago
I totally agree with you. When a lot of these analyst and experts come out and blame the situation on video games, what they are doing is providing a scape goat for the tragedy that occur. The problem is that they steer the issue away from the main focus. That focus is the person who is responsible for the tragedy. I used to play a lot of fps and other shooters but never once have I encountered a game that promoted the shootings of little children. If games really did promote violence in our society then we are in big trouble. There are 70 million PSN subscribers, 50 million XBL subscriber and i can guarantee you that 85% of those subscribers are teens who have access or have played violent video games. If this is true we would have millions of teens acting out the violent they see in video games.
A lot of experts are forgetting something called "Common Sense". The Majority of the public who play or watched violent materials have common sense that prevent them from acting out what they see. Those who dont have common sense are those that have mental or psychological issues and should be looked at.

Arming law abiding citizens with guns to protect the school and the neighbor hood is not the answer. How do you define a law abiding citizen? how do you know when a law abiding citizens will make the right judgement? What do you do when a law abiding citizen decided to become a criminal? Who regulate these law abiding citizen? What happen when a law abiding citizen take the law into his or his own hand? Another reason not to arm law abiding citizen is because you will just introduce more guns into the society and you are just telling your kids that if someone do you wrong its ok to carry a weapon to protect yourself. This is not the days of the wild wild west where we can just solve problems with a gun.

Sorry for the Rant and kind went off topic.
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vitullo31  +   1116d ago
I played GTA 3 when I was like 12 years old and many violent games since then. im 21 now..howcome im not a violent psychopath...
NiteX  +   1116d ago
specsmatter  +   1116d ago

Couldnt have said it better myself.
Bubble up for you!
the worst  +   1116d ago
o well fu%k u Rob Lowe
iNMyFiN4LH0uR  +   1116d ago
It's like blaming Hot Wheels for vehicular accidents and mishaps.
RuleNumber5  +   1116d ago
Who's Rob Lowe? Does he work at a hardware store or something?
kevnb  +   1116d ago
blame the government for blowing up everyone that gets in their way, thats not make believe its real.
1nsaint  +   1116d ago
Yeah rob.. because there was no gun violence at all in the 100 years before video games existed.... -.-
mastershredder  +   1116d ago
Sorry, but Movies such as Uwe Boll's Rampage have way more in common with recent gun violence trends, not games. I'm not saying movies are to blame, but they have a long history of violent content (often glorifying it) that can certainly give people ideas as many past trials/hearings have referenced movies or scenes in movies, yet the movie (and tv) industry is rock solid and thriving. Don't try linking this crap to the games industry. Take a hard look at your own line of work Lowe (and your own movies).

It's a mental instability issue. It's the upbringing, timing and types of exposure, an inability to cope and a shattered reality. Heck even books have violence and can suggest ideas. Are we going to burn those along with games? Air feeds oxygen to killers, are we going to ban that? Enough with this already.
bunfighterii  +   1116d ago
Once again, people who don't play video games trying to tell us they understand the medium so much, that they turn us violent.

The American gun lobby completely defies logic, by blaming everyone but the fact that the weapons that actually kill people are freely available really quite easily to almost anyone who wants one.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1116d ago
Look at some of the anger that comes out over one guy's comment re: violent video games.

If violent video games do not contribute to violent behaviour then I guess it must mean then electronic media be it games, movies, TV, ads or even books have no influence on behaviour. Personally I believe that everything we see and hear influences our behaviour and if left unchecked could manifest itself into violent behaviour.

Anyway, why do we defend violent video games and why do we play them? Why should it be OK to do things in games that we find immoral or disgusting in real life? I'm not saying ban violent video games I just don't believe its as black and white as some of those defending them think it is.
kayoss  +   1116d ago
Violence in human kind has existed since the dawn of man... but as human we developed common sense and logic. We have learned that what we see in movies, games, and other medium are not necessary real and can not portrayed as real. There are gray areas in this issue which you mentioned but to the majority of the normal person that gray area can be eliminated by common sense and what society consider the standards. This standards is that you can not act out what you see in media. For those who do act them out have some sort of psychological issues that need to be dealt with. A normal person with no mental issue will have the common sense not to do those senseless act of taking another life. It also comes down to parenting (im not saying that all parents are bad) im saying that parents need to take some responsibilities in their child's action. There are ratings on video games, movies, and other medium but how do you explain the fact that some of these kids who are not old enough to purchase these violent games get a hold of these games? 95% time its the parents who buy them for their kids without giving it a second thought.
If we were to ban or limit violent games then we need to ban and limit violent movies, books, TV shows, and the access of the Internet. All the medium i listed have the potential of exposing the public to violence. When do we decide to draw line? Blaming violent video game is just a scape goat. So far there are no studies that show that violent video games are the cause of violent acts.
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CommonSenseGamer  +   1116d ago
"but as human we developed common sense and logic"

I wonder if those who have been exposed to real life violence; say the veterans who landed on the beaches in Normandy or a woman who was the victim of a rape, think that its common sense for people to play violent games or watch violent movies, etc. Would there be far less violent behaviour without violence in print, movies, TV music and games?

I would have thought that common sense and logic would suggest that its probably not a good idea to sensationalize violence in media.
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abc1233  +   1116d ago
Firstly, what do victims of rape have to do with this? Don't know what games you've been playing but rape is hardly sensationalised in video games/movies, you cannot just apply one form of violence in one situation to a completely different one. Secondly, it's not a case of whether watching/playing violent forms of media is common sense or not, it's a case of it being common sense that you should be allowed to watch/play something which has entertainment value and which has no impact on a mentally stable adult. Thirdly, you're placing the blame of real life violence on the media when you should be looking at the real issues, it would be common sense to stop placing the emphasis on violent movies and games and look at tackling bad parenting, gang culture, poor education, etc.
kayoss  +   1116d ago
What you are comparing are two different things. The trauma of witnessing violence in a real situation is different from witnessing a cg render video game or an actor in a movie. This is where common sense and logic comes into play. If you were to witness someone blowing up in front of you in real life you will react in a different way then if you were to witness an actor in a movie blowing up or a character in a game. We are able to distinguish real life and and fictional. Rape is a trauma, it will psychologically mess you up. But a video game or move is a form of entertainment, its there for you to be entertained and not taken literally. If people cant tell the difference then they might have some reality issues.
It comes down to parenting and education. Its up to the parents to restrict what their child can and can not watch. Its not up to game developers and movie producer to monitor what our children watch. Its not their job. Parents tend to blame other then them self for their children's action. Because if they blame them self, they are just admitting that they failed as a parent. Like I say... violent media's and games is just a Scape Goat. If we were to ban all violent games and movies, i will guarantee you that violent will still exist. It existed before violent video games and movies and it will still exist if we do get rid of it.
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xander70769  +   1116d ago
One could easily argue that violent videogames give people an outlet with which to relieve stress. I would say that statistically, there is a correlation, because violent crime especially amongst teens and young adults, has been on a downward slope in general over the recent decades.

I do believe that violent media can have SOME influence, though most of whatever influence it has can easily be mitigated by RESPONSIBLE PARENTS. this is not an issue for the government to handle. This is an issue where parents need to take control and not let their ten year old kids play mature games that are meant for adults.
TongkatAli  +   1116d ago
I love you in Parks and Recreation, but ..........STFU. Look up operation Shh.
noisemedia  +   1116d ago
Looks like someone is hungry for some media exposure. Robbie just needs some attention and then he'll fade back into obscurity once again.

Dont worry guys, theyre still gonna make black ops 3, 4, 5, XIII-1,2, and 3.
Enigma_2099  +   1116d ago
Deteriorating mental state, bad childhood, years of physical, mental, or substance abuse...

... NOPE. Just video games. Violent video games.

But what about violent mov...

Xklaw  +   1116d ago
Xklaw  +   1116d ago
Stupid and ignorant.
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xander70769  +   1116d ago
Tonester925  +   1116d ago
What about the Samurai attack that happened the same day as the shooting at the school. Was that because of Shinobi on Sega genesis? lol
Heisenburger  +   1116d ago
Siiilence! I will not tolerance your insolence!!

You wanna be Daddy number two?

*hits in the face with an inflatable globe*

You gonna cry?
derekcoaker  +   1116d ago
The ONLY time Rob Lowe was cool was when he was banging Demi Moore in some 80's Softcore.
jeeves86  +   1116d ago
Violence in video games is just like violence in movies and violent-imagery in music. It is a symptom of our culture's overall love affair with violence.

Correlation, not causation.
porkChop  +   1116d ago
So he doesn't think violence in games is a good thing, but then he pretty much admits that he buys these games for his kids? Great parenting there, Rob. If you don't think it's suitable for children then don't buy it for your children.
ALLWRONG  +   1115d ago
Didn't Rob Lowe have sex with a teenage girl on film?

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