The Last Salesman

With the only big news of the day being a PS4 rumor, Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan refuse to do another PS4 DR that soon. Instead, we throw off the shackles of rationality and enjoy the mad life of Daily Randoming, with a short short story and whole new year of yearbookage.

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Foolsjoker1953d ago

This article could have used some Oxy Clean.

TrendyGamers1953d ago

Really enjoyed the short story!

dbjj120881953d ago

N4G doesn't see a lot of original fiction, so I enjoyed that.

doctorstrange1953d ago

I see a future in

Timesplitter141953d ago

is it wrong if at first I thought "mushrooms" were supposed to be dicks?

doctorstrange1953d ago

There's nothing wrong with it, but you might want to tell your girlfriend why you're breaking up with her.

doctorstrange1953d ago

It's what American Footballers pretend to have and then kill off for fame