DmC: Devil May Cry – Review [GamingLives]

GamingLives takes a look at the latest from Ninja Theory, the fanbase-dividing DmC.

"There’s no such thing as a perfect game, but Ninja Theory have come pretty damn close. DmC is one of the most enjoyable game experiences that I’ve had in years. The combat is smooth and hugely enjoyable to engage in and watch unfold, and Limbo is spectacular and a pleasure to explore; best of all though, was watching the characters evolve and grow as the story opened up."

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Bigpappy1918d ago

Not saying it doesn't deserve the score (every opinion deserves a chance). But, my time with the demo did not peak any interest in ever playing this game. I hope people, who think otherwise, buy and enjoy the heck out of it.

Chuk51918d ago

Full game is so much better than the demo.

thaking1551917d ago

Here is a review by Adam Sessler that says it all about gameplay and story!

I think it's a fair review touching on alot of the things people are talking about. Take a look!

Perjoss1917d ago

Game demos are often not a very good representation of the full game

StifflerK1918d ago

I'm about half way through and I think this game is fantastic .

As a long term fan of the series I think NT did a great job!

Tony-Red-Grave1917d ago

did you see dantes concepts? NT had a dmc2 dante look-a-like and DMC 2 dante was the most hardcore looking dante

VileAndVicious1917d ago

I really enjoy some of the concepts that NT had originally come up with. Especially Kats original concept art

Tony-Red-Grave1917d ago

makes hate capcom for scrapping some of concepts -_- but seeing how story turned out those concepts would look akward. On the other after watching, no spoilers so no worries, the ending it's alot easier to connect DmC to DMC3

PS3gamer4life1917d ago

This game is tight worth buying this game to ..this game is a mixer of dmc 2 and 4 team the new us better then 2 and 4..and this game talk bout the goverment and how they controll people

DevilNeverCry1917d ago

@PS3gamer4life Hm. no, it's not about the government blahblah. I just finished the game so I know now the story.But hell yeah it's worth buying this game.

PS3gamer4life1917d ago

Most the talk on this gsme the government does in real life

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