What Did Indies Ever Do? - Game Labeling Act Tries to Demand All Games Be Rated

A proposed US law could force all games in the US to be rated, and how that could affect indie game developers.

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showtimefolks1922d ago

you can rate all the games in this world but if someone wants it they will find way to get it.

stop gaming games for what's happening, own up and admit the fact we have among us some very sick MOFO and some retarded MOFO

ScubbaSteve1921d ago

Shame that the people making the laws fall into the retarded MOFO category. They can't pass a relief bill for hurricane sandy but they can all agree games are too violent?

showtimefolks1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

that's government for you man, also what happened has been proven fake on so many different levels

there were facebook pages being made for those kids 3 days in advance of the shooting

if you search for those kids only thing showing up are old ladies who have been dead

watch that, our government is a joke. you just never know what's real or fake

9/11 inside job
osama bin ladin shooting a fake thing too, i am from the city where they found him, actually have a house near the army base and believe me all that was a fake shit that was made to make americans happy and say the war wasn't useless

media is controlled

but guess what after all that shit let's blame gaming for every single one of our problems like that's really gonna solve anything

i don't mean to offend anyone, but believe what you may. all i can tell you is fox and cnn doesn't report what needs to be reported or what's actually happening. want to get real news watch a international news channel

jeeves861921d ago

No. No. Just stop with the Sandy Hook hoax bullshit. Nothing, and I mean 'nothing' is more offensive than having someone tell you that your child didn't die, that not was all a hoax and that you were somehow in on it.

Those kids died, and nothing has been proven a hoax. The YouTube videos are full of shit, trying to stir up controversy where there is none.They say that because not all tthe facts were reported, because the public didn't get a chance to actually 'see' the blood and the dead bodies, that it must not have happened. No media outlet reports all the facts, not everyone wants their life story spewn out for the world to see. As for discrepancies? Mistakes happen. As for the 'crisis actors?' those people help first responders train for the real deal, and the parents of those kids were not actors. Just because they didn'tshow what someone's perceived idea of appropriate levels of grief does not mean it didn't happen.

Part of being intelligent when it comes to what you see and hear in the news is making an informed decision on what is believable and what is not. You are not smart cause you are cynical. I think that too many people are so desperate to prove wrongdoing by the government at every possible turn that they become deluded to what is real and what isn't.

Most of all, I sure as shit wouldn't trust a bunch of YouTube videos over pretty much every other news outlet in the world...

NeXXXuS1921d ago

I ask the bum to buy me something from the big people store because I'm still just a wee little lad!

3GenGames1921d ago

What a joke. As a game programmer, I'm just are art and are protected by freedom of speech, so doing this and I'll just have to find myself a lawyer to go through this with me.

Not going to happen. Ever. All ratings are done by independent companies for games, movies, etc. They keep it pretty clean and clear cut to me, it's not broken.

Max-Zorin1921d ago

Jack Thompson pulling string behind the curtain.

ThanatosDMC1921d ago

Lol! I remember those great and funny articles on n4g. Good times.

Mutant-Spud1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

We have that system in Australia, every game has to be rated by the government and it costs a fortune, it's a de facto tax on gaming, we don't have XBLA indie over here for that precise reason.

Enigma_20991921d ago

... what's wrong with rating games? Last I checked, I thought that was a good thing. Force parents to, you know... PARENT their own kids.

3GenGames1921d ago

The thing about this is they want to force it and regulate it. Game ratings are NOT CHEAP. You need to have $5000 to even have the ESRB think about rating it. Indies and independant programmers like me have nowhere near that type of money to waste to get a game to market. Imagine if every app needed $5000 to be on the app store, or XBLIG. Yeah, you'll kiss 95% of the apps on there good bye because they're made by a few people that want to. Not by a company backed group.

Enigma_20991921d ago

And I learn something new every day... Why in the hell do you have to pay to have your games rated?!?!?

THAT PART need to be brought to the attention of more people! Now it just seems like another scam to make a profit!