New Screenshots for Urban Trial Freestyle are Jumping for Joy

Check out the latest screenshots, and the official PSN trailer for this fun little game for the PS Vita, 3DS and the PS3.

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ftwrthtx1736d ago

Looks like it might be a fun title

boybato1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

excitebike on steriods??? take my money!!!!

knifefight1736d ago

Been too long since I've played a game like Excitebike ^_^

ftwrthtx1736d ago

never thought of it as Excitebik..... but I like the comparison

MorfiTM1736d ago

New? It's old as hell - published on 20.12.2012

ftwrthtx1736d ago

The screenshots were just released but the video isn't new.

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