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Hideo Kojima Talks MGR, FOX Engine, and Phantom Pain

IGN talks to Kojima about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and gets in a question or two about FOX Engine and Phantom Pain as well. (Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, PS3, Xbox 360)

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theDECAY  +   829d ago
Of course Phantom Pain is from Hideo. We all know this!
corrus  +   829d ago
Hideo Kojima THE BEST
GamerSciz  +   829d ago
Ugh, they asked like two questions about Phantom Pain and they were two vague questions. Otherwise a good interview.
TheOneEyedHound  +   829d ago
So let me get this straight.

Ground Zeros = Phantom Pain?
Nyxus  +   829d ago
Most likely.
Mounce  +   829d ago
But it was already known that Ground Zeroes is a Prequel to MGS5.....and Phantom Pain has the easter-egg part where MGS5 fits above 'The Phantom Pain'...

So, shouldn't it be obvious that The Phantom Pain is a sequel to Ground Zeroes if Phantom Pain is indeed MGS5? Ground Zeroes isn't 5 and is a sequel of Peacewalker and a Prequel to MGS5 :L
porkChop  +   829d ago

It says Metal Gear Solid V. That's doesn't mean it's a 5 though. The MGS series has never used roman numerals before, so while it *could* be a 5, it's much more likely that the V is actually a letter. I'm pretty sure that it stands for Vita. The whale tail in the MDS logo is a reference to a place in the world called "The Whale Tail of Uvita". It's on the coast of Costa Rica, the setting of Peace Walker. That can't just be a coincidence, this is Kojima we're talking about.
Mounce  +   829d ago

So you're saying that the likeliness of Phantom Pain being a Vita game is more apparent than roman numerals hinting at it being MGS5?

I mean, we're talking about not the official MGS5 title, V could still be 5 just not be used as 5 to make it blatantly obvious, no? :l

V for Vita or V for Vendetta or V for 5, it can be anything that could stand for V, just what can't be refused is that it is MGS related somehow....the only thing I know that's the dumbest thing I've heard theorized is that it's Liquid Snake somehow, makes me facepalm pretty hard....Big Boss or Solidus for me, Solidus should have pretty decent room for a standalone game.
RememberThe357  +   829d ago
I actually like Prokchops' thought. Kojima never seems to tease in any straight forward way. I wouldn't be surprised Prokchop turns out to be 100% right on that. Why would he tease MGS5 when he's trying to get people excited for Ground Zeros?
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Knushwood Butt  +   829d ago
@ porkChop

Nice observations. Would be cool if true. Plausible.
Murad  +   829d ago
I think so. It's because Phantom Pain is probably Big Boss's reminder of something about the Boss in someway, or maybe even Solid Snake, but bottomline, it does seem to have a huge connection with the MGS storyline.
gninja92  +   829d ago
maybe the cripple who looks like sanke in the phantom pain is big boss as he is being revived at the end of MGS4 remember at the end of 4 he said he was put back together with pieces of solidus and some other ppl the pirate arm can be a temporary one until something happens and he gets the prmanent one. anyway would be cool if the PP was a MGS5 with big boss and it were a sequel to MGS4 chronologically.
LAWSON72  +   829d ago
Come on quit teasing... we all know phantom pain has some thing to do with mgs
Eamon  +   829d ago
From the way Kojima was nervously responding to two vague questions on The Phantom Pain - it's 100% confirmed now he's behind it.

If he had nothing to do with it, he would have made it clear. But instead he was laughing and answering 'innocently.'

So now the real question is whether it's MGS5 or Ground Zeroes...
Murad  +   829d ago
I think it's Ground Zeroes. Didn't it say in an article somewhere that Ground Zeroes was first than MGS5, or something?
WeskerChildReborned  +   829d ago
Not 100% but i would guess that this game is most likely from Hideo.
TongkatAli  +   829d ago
Phantom Pain is Metal Gear V. Look at the trailer at the end where Phantom Pain pops up if you slow it down Metal Gear V appears before Phantom Pain name appears.

Now is Hideo Kojima using roman numerals for the main titles ? I'm pretty sure its Ground Zeros.
TongkatAli  +   829d ago
Phantom Pain is Metal Gear V. Look at the trailer at the end where Phantom Pain pops up if you slow it down Metal Gear V appears before Phantom Pain name appears.

Now is Hideo Kojima using roman numerals for the main titles ? I'm pretty sure its Ground Zero.
Shuyin  +   829d ago
I don't know if the internet community is just stupid or completely ignorant. Kojima would NEVER...NEVER make two MGS games simutaneously. And due to obvious facts like the very similar graphic and lighting, you can tell V and Ground Zeroes are the same game.
And him saying GZ is a prequel is a to V - I see it more like GZ being the prequel to V like the Tanker Incident was to the Big Shell, you know. The same game, just different chapters.
princejb134  +   828d ago
I'm assuming you know kojima personally and hang out with him on weekends to say " never make two MGS games simultaneously"
None of us can speak for him
Donnywho  +   829d ago
My friend said MGRising should start with Raiden and then somehow Raiden taps out and Solid Snake is the main character for 80% of the game.
SandWitch  +   829d ago
But in MGS 2 Snake said he is not a big fan of blades
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yeahokchief  +   829d ago
kojima is awesome

i'd have preferred playing as jaeger/gray fox too, but oh well.
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Liquid_Ocelot  +   829d ago
As Null ;)
Kingthrash360  +   829d ago
I don't think phantom pain is ground zeros tho, he already announced ground zeros why make a mystery trailer for an already announced AND gameplay has been shown for it. I do think its a mgs game tho but just not ground zeros... Also on the amount of questions I'd say ign was just being respectful and not going to hit him hard with questions ahout a game that he hasn't confirmed to be his or by his studio. Other country's are more respectful than the US. US would have tried to trick him into slipping out something on the phantom pain... It's just how we roll.
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Tzuno  +   828d ago
I bet he likes Hentai :)
molsen81  +   828d ago
It certainly appears that the Psycho Mantis in the Phantom Pain trailer is younger. Wouldn't that confirm that the trailer is related to a prequel? I also thought the blonde-headed figure in the elevator was Boss.

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