SCEA Files Video Game Trademark for ‘Knack’

With the PS3 still chugging along, the PS4 right around the corner and the Vita being the Vita, Sony’s development teams have never been so busy. Now, PSLS may have uncovered yet another game they are working on – Knack.

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NeverEnding19891677d ago

Get outta town...there's no way HOME still exists

zebramocha1677d ago

@Decimalator damn you!I was going to do that.

TrendyGamers1677d ago

My money's on a PSN title.

doctorstrange1677d ago

And you've got a knack for predicting these things

TrendyGamers1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

And you have a knack for finding these.

Foolsjoker1677d ago

You have a knack for killing jokes.

Foolsjoker1677d ago

I'm guessing some form of social App.

ps3vita4life1677d ago

I love me some trademarks :)

GoldPunch-TR1677d ago

- Knock Knock.
- Who's there?
- Ken Kutaragi
- Ken Kutaragi who?
- ...

you can complete.

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