Final God of War: Ascension Box Art Revealed By Amazon

We’ve been having to look at a cover for God of War: Ascension these past few months that we always knew would be changed, and today, Amazon ($10 credit also included with pre-order from them) has updated their product listing for the March 12th release with a brand new box art that is almost definitely the final one.

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doctorstrange1919d ago

I keep forgetting about how awesome of a year this is for PlayStation

TrendyGamers1919d ago

And we only the games coming out in the first half of this year!

Kevin ButIer1919d ago

Everytime I see that image, I can hear in my head that creepy old woman voice saying:


TrendyGamers1919d ago

It's not as bright and cheery as the GoW3 box art, but I like it!

torchic1919d ago

holy crap the God of War III box art was cheery?

Godchild10201919d ago

The box art is the same except the official one is pushed back to see the chains and Kratos's body. I like it and it's a change from the GOW3 box art.

TrendyGamers1919d ago

Yeah, it's not a monumental change or anything.

doctorstrange1919d ago

He's looking in a different direction too

Godchild10201919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

You're right. The Unofficial box art looks like he is a shame or disgraced at himself, something or someone else.

The official one looks like he is ready to break away from those chains and seek redemption or something. Or he is tricking someone to think he is done and is ready to strike.

Anyway, Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't notice his head facing a different direction.

BigBoss19641919d ago

I like it alot much better than God of War III's box art for sure

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The story is too old to be commented.