Diablo III Director Jay Wilson Steps Down

Hardcore Gamer: After spending seven years working on Diablo III, Jay Wilson is stepping down from his role as Game Director of his baby to move onto other projects at Blizzard

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konnerbllb1924d ago

I'd rather have him stay with D3 development so he can't ruin any future projects.

Daver1924d ago

loll, I hope its not diablo 4!

ThanatosDMC1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

So true. I hope he just leaves gaming. It's so bad how he killed the Diablo name. My friends hate it now and i remember the good ol' days when eight of us go together and level up together.

"F*ck that loser" -Jay Wilson

Check out all the hateful comment. For those that will defend this douchebag, then you missed out all the censoring during beta and also the lack of communication with the community.

BoNeSaW231924d ago

"F*ck that loser" -Jay Wilson

I 2nd that!!!

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brish1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

The author of the article looks surprisingly like Matt Damon! ;-)

konnerbllb1924d ago

I actually thought it was matt damon in an ad, didn't realize that was the author bio area.

yeahokchief1924d ago

i'd quit too. mediocre game.

kevnb1924d ago

I liked diablo 3, but it seems like they cut it short just to sell it in parts.

ozzywazzy1924d ago

Glad to hear. D3 was a cash cow auction house first and a very mediocre/repetitive game second.

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