Star Wars 1313 Not Coming This Year After All

Earlier this morning, the online gaming community was abuzz with news that Star Wars 1313 has been listed for a release this year on the PS3 platform by PlayStation Germany, and it certainly lifted the spirits of many. Well, we hate to play the role of party pooper, but it is rather unfortunate that LucasArts has stepped in to claim that PlayStation Germany’s Facebook page gave out inaccurate information.

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000012077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

i suspect this game will come out early spring 2014. i will note even begin to hype myself for this title as a 2013 release. as a star wars nerd and a gamer, i will patiently wait until the more realistic 2014 release date.

KangarooSam2077d ago

I so want to play this. It looks surprisingly good so far.

aliengmr2077d ago

There is actually nothing known about it. Other than it being a heavily cinematic TPS. The characters aren't going to be the same. I wouldn't be surprised if the name was changed as well.

Bathyj2077d ago

Deceiving, is the darkside.

CaptainPunch2077d ago

Expecting this to be released on the PS4, PC, and 720 then. I hate waiting...

Monstar2077d ago

Willing to bet that the final product won't look like it's initial footage, bet they're struggling. We shall see.

KangarooSam2077d ago

Well you're just being a cynical Steve. I understand the CGI can make you feel a bit nervous (I'm kinda feeling the same way with Killzone: Mercenary) but it's not like the game can have bad graphics, it's the end of a generation, they'll know how to push the hardware. And even if it's released for next gen consoles it will look decent too.

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The story is too old to be commented.