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Game delays make Wii U’s post-launch lineup look even worse

Arstechnica- Back when Nintendo first announced its "launch window" lineup of games that would be available for the Wii U by March 31, we were decidedly unimpressed. The list was filled with warmed-over ports and uninspiring shovelware. Today however, that list got even less impressive, as Nintendo announced a few of the most anticipated games for the system won't be out until April at the earliest. (Wii U)

Neonridr  +   801d ago
Monster Hunter 3 is going to be a completely new experience than playing it on your 3DS. It will be a much grander game in style, and has a lot more Monsters in the game.
Erimgard  +   801d ago
I think he was actually calling 3U the same as Tri on Wii, which is not even close to the same.
miyamoto  +   800d ago
its called the dry spell...wait for the rain fall
Venox2008  +   800d ago
better delayed game than broken
Dr_Salvitor  +   800d ago
Agreed i was actually happy when pikmin 3 got delayed, but you always only hear the complaining about it -_-
corrus  +   800d ago
better delayed game than broken very smart
Venox2008  +   800d ago
well Ninty always tries to perfect its games, no matter how long will it take (sure sometimes some bugs still slip, like Zelda:SS, but at least they released save game tool later) still Ninty FTW, or maybe time to time they think some new ideas and implement them to fully perfect game, who knows.. still we'll get Pikmin, not too long to wait :)
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crazy_man  +   800d ago
The best things are worth waiting for.
Killzoner99  +   800d ago
LOl , it's because developers are dropping support for this POS. Anyone can see the writing on the wall , Nintendo botched this console BIG TIME. A PS3/Vita combo can do anything the WiiU can do , with better games too. Sorry Nintendo fanboys but your favorite company is circling the drain.
Buff1044  +   800d ago
How many people realistically go with the PS3/Vits combo in favor of the Wii U? I keep hearing this combo claim, and it just doesn't make sense from a mass market perspective. Sony's not even selling enough Vitas right now to make this work, nor are there enough games that come close to replicating what the Wii U can do in tandem with its controller.
iamnsuperman  +   800d ago
It makes more sense if it was cheaper as it is just too expensive and Sony need to make remote play for all games/ make cross play for all games. Essentially the Vita is just more portable than the Wii U controller but you pay for that in price and Sony has the features but hasn't (for some reason) implemented them in greater numbers. If they sort both these issues it will make more sense
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solidt12  +   800d ago
PS3/Vita combo does not even compare to what the Wii U is. Its a stupid comparison and I wish people would just stop it. Every Wii U comes with a controller that is designed for that system. The Vita is its own system that CAN work with the PS3 and it will work with the PS4 more than likely too but do you seriously think developers are going to add Vita compatiblity to every PS3 game? Have they at this point? There you go. There are 72+ Million PS3's out there and 4 Million Vita's. What would be the point? Don't get me wrong I wish Sony and all third parties would add Vita functionality to all PS3/Vita games but it ain't gonna happen because there is no market for it. In the Wii U case they have no choice because the controller is part of the system. I am enjoying the Wii U controller more than I thought I would but the PS3 is my first choice for games still. I just hope that the PS4 has a tablet style controller too that feels like a bigger Dual Shock 3 in my hands. That would be awesome.
crazy_man  +   800d ago
Anyone else think if someone gets enough disagrees or bubble down votes they should just be banned?

0 bubble treatment!
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Perjoss  +   800d ago
Maybe a temporary ban at least, but i dont think there is anything to stop them just making a new account for trolling etc
lilbroRx  +   800d ago
No, for the simple fact that the reason for getting disagrees and bubble downs seldom have anything to do with trolling in the Nintendo section.

In fact, the trolls tend to get more agrees and bubble ups.

Unless you speak ill of Nintendo, your going to get hammered on site, and don't woe unto the man who tries to point out a flaw with Sony.
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xursz  +   800d ago

That is simply untrue. In fact you can even see from this thread. Nobody in the right mind is bubbling or commenting in aggreement with childish antics. He got the same agrees as a comment earlier which simply read "die sony die". I see valid critiscisms bubbled up all the time over Sony, justifiably. What Killzoner99 is doing is simply childish and i've called him out for it in another article as well.
iamgoatman  +   800d ago
Or just bring back the open zone. It was a crap hole, but the main page has basically become the open zone anyway. I mean, why ban the countless trolls when they bring in ad revenue? N4G is little more than a joke these days.
Kingofwiiu  +   800d ago
A PS3/Vita can do anything a wiiu can do ? NO IT CAN'T

Tell me where is your dual screen Blops2 ? Where is your remote play for all your games ? Where is your asymetric play like in Nintendo Land ?

Nowhere. The vita is a fail. And it's even more of a fail when you celotape it to a ps3.

Stop talking out of your ass. Wiiu had a good launch and just needs a bit of software to propell sales forward.

TBH , As long as the wiiu keeps getting games like Monster hunter , Bayonetta 2 , Lego City , Rayman Legends , Wonderfull 101 it will be awesome.

The more exclusives the merrier. I will take awesome exclusives over multiplats anyday , as I already own a 360 and a ps3.
deafdani  +   800d ago
Bro, while I agree with your sentiment most of the time, sometimes you really, really bring the Nintendo defense attitude way too far. Why do you even bother to reply to Killzoner99? It's obvious he's a MEGATROLL.

Just bubble him down, give him a disagree and move along. Everyone that replies to him is only empowering him and making him last more with that trollish attitude. That's why people like Mika still exists...

Seriously, let's obey that old and true saying... "DON'T FEED THE TROLL".
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vallencer  +   800d ago
Doubtful. And by doubtful I mean everything that you have just spewed forth on your computer screen. Every launch has games and then there aren't any but a few here and there its how it works. Look at your precious vita it's in a serious dry spell. There's three games coming out for it in the next 4 months. Which doesn't mean it's a bad system. But that's fine keep spewing your fanboy crap in a completely different article than what you're a fan boy for. Also the vita can not do what the Wii u does better. I know I have a vita and ps3 and the Wii u does things much better.
crazy_man  +   800d ago

Good point. Everytime they get a temp ban it gets longer and longer.
Horny  +   800d ago
Ment to reply to killzoner99

I have both the Wii u and the ps3 vita combo. Let me tell you that the ps3 vita combo can't do everything the wiiu can. Sony simply doesn't use the vita enough in combination with the ps3 and 3rd party developers don't use it at all.

I was on the fence about the Wii u but after a week with it I enjoy the system. If you're going to have two systems next gen I recommend the wiiu with either a ps4 or x box combo. May is when the system really picks up.
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Theyellowflash30  +   800d ago
I agree
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AWBrawler  +   800d ago
Unnecessary fanboyism. If you prefer PS/Vita combo, then don't waste time arguing on a Nintendo thread. Would you try to argue Buddhism to a Muslim? nope cause it won't change his mind, same applies here. Our minds are made up that the wii U is a cool console, and nothing YOU do or say can change that.
born2live  +   800d ago
So you would rather leave comments to people who already agree with you? What's the point? He's entitled to his opinion and to share it, even if I don't agree with it. I do too have the ps vita/ps3 combo. I can tell you it COULD do the same thing as a Wii U, but right now, it doesn't.
AWBrawler  +   799d ago
He's entitled to a comment true. But come on. Why come to the nintendo section just to bash it. I don't like xbox but I don't go to the xbox articles bashing it.

At the end of the day trying to desuade nintendo fans from a nintendo console they love is like trying to convince a kid that allcandy is nasty. Sure you can try but its pointless to do so
jmc8888  +   798d ago
ROFL says the person who doesn't know anything.

If you want to guess, you can guess, and be wrong on your guess.

It's quite easy to see the writing on the wall that you're wrong.

Oh I have a 360 and a PS3 and a Wii U and an i7 920 @ 4ghz, 16gb ddr3 1600mhz and GTX 670.

The Wii U is a good console. It's not a POS. Only people that know nothing say it is.

Dropping support? You really don't know business do you? That's more writing on the wall that anyone can see.

You also don't remember the past too or were too young to remember what it was like when the PS3/360 launched, otherwise you'd remember that developers made games on PS2/xbox and not 360/PS3 because there weren't enough consoles on the market to guess what...make money.

No one has 'dropped support' of the Wii U. Only your and others' simpleton brains think that. Whether it's lack of knowledge, experience, common sense or all of those reasons is yet undetermined.

You don't have to be a fanboy to understand reality, you just have to be smarter than forrest gump to realize it.

Also more writing on the wall is the Vita cannot do the same stuff the Wii U gamepad has. Only morons think so. I won't even list all the things the Wii U gamepad can do that the Vita cannot, I'll let you search the web for once to figure that out by yourself...since the writing on the wall says you haven't.

P.S. 720/PS4 won't be much more powerful. In fact, a mid range PC will be far more powerful than a 720/PS4...again I could list the reasons why, and yes they are common sense...but I'll give you some hints

Lower Price
New add-ins sucking up $$$
Not wanting to sell for a loss (or much of one)

As an owner of all the consoles and a PC, and will buy the 720 and PS4, I can assure you that you are so wrong you make George Bush look smarter.
JohnDread  +   800d ago
How is that launch line-up considered bad? I don't think it's bad at all. There were no launch line-ups which actually were good enough for core gamers. Core titles tend to arrive at least half a year after launch and there's good reason to it. By the way, the fact that there was a Zelda game in Wii's launch is more or less luck. It was supposed to be a Gamecube title.
danitanzo  +   800d ago
I'm too busy to play games since I'm at college, so it really doesn't matter that much to me... :/
Nicaragua  +   800d ago
Great insight, thanks for sharing.
user4693217   800d ago | Spam
Theyellowflash30  +   800d ago
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in March and Rayman Legends in February. I don't see the problem here.
kupomogli  +   799d ago
One of those aren't exclusive. The 3DS is also getting Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.
Theyellowflash30  +   799d ago
And your point? So a game has be exclusive to make an impact on system sales? So why is the Xbox 360 so popular?
wiiulee  +   800d ago
game delays is a regular occurence in videogaming especially at the beginning of a system cycle...this must be the first system launch alot of people have paid attention to
AWBrawler  +   800d ago
They'll forget all about this come E3. Watch how many chins hit the floor.
kupomogli  +   799d ago
Yeah. Five or six months from now.
yeahokchief  +   799d ago
wii all over again. called it. chances of me buying a wii u are getting slimmer and slimmer. they'll have to reduce their price when ps4 comes out and steam rolls this thing.
Deku-Johnny  +   799d ago
Have you been living under a rock for the past two months? Those games were delayed ages ago. Good things come to those who wait, I mean Rayman seems like a great game from the demo, wouldn't you prefer them to delay it to sort out any problems with the game rather than release a half finish game like Bethesda would do? And tbf, is the Wii U launch window line-up much worse than the 360's, Wii's or the PS3's?
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