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Devil May Cry’s latest franchise entry is DmC Devil May Cry, a retelling of the origin story of Dante, when Dante never really had an origin story, save for perhaps the opening movie of the first Devil May Cry. This opening movie was actually not remastered for the HD collection I am about to review, which is kind of telling as to the amount of effort put into this repackaging. The games themselves are known quantities and have essentially not changed. Though they are presented in widescreen and in high definition with anti-aliasing, with some new, higher resolution textures, the gameplay in Devil May Cry HD Collection is exactly the same, for better or for worse.

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darthv721923d ago

for $12.99 at Fry's just the other day. I never played the first one but I do have 2 and 4.

zerocrossing1923d ago

Have you ever played 3? I consider it the pinnacle of the original franchise.

PS3gamer4life1923d ago

This is a 9 to me the game is pretty good

Omar911923d ago

fantastic so far and im only on chapter many chapters are there anyways?

-GametimeUK-1922d ago

I would advise people to save their money and get DmC. It is easily the best game the franchise has ever seen. This trilogy is decent, but it hasn't aged well. Dated mechanics and wonky camera are enough for me to not give this game a personal reccomendation.

wishingW3L1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

stay fray -GametimeUK-. Now back to your braindead Call of Duty games.

DevilVergilX1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Nahhh casual may cry isnt that great. Piss easy boss fights and noob friendly combat. Its cool that you are into that type of game, but I like a game with skill.

BlaqMagiq241922d ago

I'm guessin DMC 3 was too hard for you? Have fun doing your super easy triple SSS combos then.

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grayfoxx8811922d ago

How did this get a 3/5? I picked this up for $15 for my PS3 and am currently replaying the first one. These games have aged really well, and look great in 720p.