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Violent video games and child aggression

As the community of Newtown and the nation struggle to make sense of the devastation, gun control, mental health issues and violent video games have all been called into question. Groups like Sandy Hook Promise call for a ‘national conversation’ and President Obama is rolling out plans to curb gun violence, but the search for solutions on how to avoid a repeat incident remains. (3DS, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360)

zerocrossing  +   952d ago
"gun control, mental health issues and violent video games have all been called into question"

I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of these things is not like the other...

I have been playing violent games for years now, and certainly started earlier than I should have but I have no violent tendencies and for the most part am of a calm and collected demeanor.

If your calling violent games into question then I insist you do the same with music, art and film, or any other media that may be deemed to be glorifying violence, if you're not prepared to do that then leave games out of it.
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G20WLY  +   952d ago
Of course it's all because of games *facepalm*

If games are in question, why aren't music, films and books? Answer: because they're too mainstream to attack without serious backlash and they need to blame something to stop their little heads from exploding.

For example, how many people saw Casino Royale? I did. But did I cut a hole in a chair, sit a naked guy on it and slap his b*llocks with a knotted rope? Nope.

Some people are messed up.

End of :(
tubers  +   952d ago
Other than video games, are there any other popular entertainment medium for interactive simulated violence?
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zerocrossing  +   952d ago
@ tubers

I don't know how you can call it "interactive simulated violence" it's so far removed from violence in the real world that it's pretty much impossible for anyone of sane mind to take most violent games very seriously.
Heisenburger  +   952d ago
Mmmm Casino Royale....

Skyfall was so good!
profgerbik  +   952d ago
Exactly I been saying that if you asked me music is much more of a problem right now.. Music today is terrible unlike games, movies or books these people in these music video or writing these songs advocate stupidity and disrespect to a degree I have never seen before.

There are bigger problems in the world as well than any of that to begin with that lead to the way people feel and the way they react from those feelings. It's moronic when some of the most violent places we see are not that way because of media. Most those places where violence is ongoing, they don't even have any real type of media to influence them..

But sure let's ruin everything else first like always before ever addressing the real problems in the world..

It's also ok for doctors to hand kids pharmaceuticals like anti-depressants that literally have side effect that can cause suicidal thoughts or uncontrolled fits of rage.. Cool, I am taking a pill to suppress my depression that potentially could make me even more depressed? That makes sense, as long as people are making money off me right?
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Ashunderfire86  +   952d ago
Like I said in the below comment it is the drugs. Heck even Governor Chris Christie acknowledge this. People blaming video games is just digging a deeper hole they can't get out of. Big Pharma is ones to blame for all these violence in school and out of school. People on these drugs murder people in bizarre ways, like what Chris Christie said about a woman who took the heads off her kids due to the drugs she was on. A dad shot his kids then call the cops telling them the whole story about what he did. He blank out after it happen!!! That is what he told the cops, and the cops ask him if he was on drugs. He said yes!!!
doogiebear  +   952d ago
The title should be:

"ESRB ratings, Violent games, and neglectful parents that don't take the time to carefully pick age appropriate games for their children".
tubers  +   951d ago

Because it technically is by definition.

I'm just stating the major difference compared to reading, watching and listening w/c are much more PASSIVE than you taking control of a character beating up some pixels to a bloody pulp.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of these things is not like the other... " -exactly.

All I'm saying is to not be so defensive about this and completely invalidate the premise. (No, I'm not saying playing violent games automatically makes you much more violent)

Let them scientists do their thing..
DeletedAcc  +   952d ago
Now i want a chainsaw in the last of us >:D
Ashunderfire86  +   952d ago
We need psychotropic drug control!!!! That is the main suspect for many of these school shootings. These drugs are Zofloft, Ritalin, Prozac, Xenex, and many other anti depressants. Go to the website cchr.org, the Citizen Commission on Human Rights. These guys show proof with many video to watch about this. Its Epidemic that is worldwide, not just in America. This stuff go as far as Nazi Germany and further back middle age England.
TENTONGUN  +   951d ago
what about alcohol? very violent drug as well
acemonkey  +   952d ago
i think all of this gun control,game control and mental health is getting out of control...i believe people want to kill and they blame it on video games, access to guns or they have a headache they hear voices......i know people that are on anti depression meds and they are still upset...anti pyschotic meds that are still "crazy and snap at any min"
Ashunderfire86  +   952d ago
I know people that are on anti depressants also. Psychiatrist are to blame too. In their DSM they label any human behavior from stuttering, nervousness, and etc as a mental disorder. They are telling our parents this!!! That's why kids are so f up today in school, because they are force to take these drugs. I was on ritalin until my mother knew how bad it was. Thank God I didn't go crazy like many of those kids
acemonkey  +   952d ago
I am on xanax for panic disorder..but people can tell doctors anything... its just people being people...we have been messed up for along time way before titles of mental illness or sickness came along.... im just tired of hearing about it or reading about how games,movies,comics,gun control,mental illness and others is making people do the things that they are doing..i would say most people need to take the blame instead of saying...my mom didnt love me..my ex broke my heart... i was playing black ops 2 and i stop and it felt like i was still playin it so i went and bought a gun and shoot people and then when i saw them not get back up..i knew the game was wrong....i think 95% people know what they are doing..and when shit hits the fan they will look at anything and blame it on that..i hate to sound like a "ass or ignorant" but thats just how i see things
viridius  +   952d ago
When I was a child, I was violent. In school I would snap at nothing, throw desks and I was a threat to anyone else around me.
Nothing worked for me, not meds, not therapy, not anything.

It wasn't until my early teenage years that I figured out that I needed an outlet, Reading helped, but games are what really let me sit down and focus and deal with the confusing emotions I was dealing with.
It's not that I used them to escape my issues, I used them to help me calm down and focus and address them. Whether I was playing a calm non-violent game like Pokemon or causing full blown mayhem in GTA video games saved me from my anger and the future I would have had.

To me these arguments seem more like pointing the finger because no one has anyone else to blame. It's not that games cause violence, hell they prevented me from winding up in jail.
It's just the people, if you're more prone to violence you can be set off by anything and trust me I know. I once destroyed my entire classroom because I thought the person next to me was talking about me.
Like I said, video games saved me from that, and if they did that for me I have to believe they did so for others as well.

-Edit- Sorry with all these posts now about violence and video games I just felt I had to say this.
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contradictory  +   952d ago
just go watch what TotalBiscuit said about Violent video games
Heisenburger  +   952d ago
It's ridiculous how ignorant some people are. People being in mourning, feeling scared or angry, find something to blame for what went wrong. That mess isn't new!

It's not really the "blame videogames" aspect that offends me. What I find offensive is people being so simple minded as to not realize that they are doing what I stated above.

These people aren't spring chickens, yet cannot see what it right in front of them.

If they can't see how pointing the finger at something, but not the psychopath responsible, is foolish then I believe that they are truly beyond being helped.

And that truly saddens me.
ZBlacktt  +   952d ago
Turn on your News at night. What's just about every story about? Yep, death, shootings, wars in other countries, people killed by all means.
Mutant-Spud  +   952d ago
"how to avoid repeat incidents", law enforcement experts admit that it's probably impossible, nobody tries to get away with mass shootings,there's really no preventative strategy which is going to head off someone who's on a suicide mission.
As for Hollywood, celebrities can go f*ck themselves, see video below:

Related video
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Ck1x  +   951d ago
Well im sure there are alot of people that have learning disabilities and other mental issues that should not be playing violent video-games or music and movies. The more visual the violence is in nature, the more literal they probably take it. Just look at some of the more fanatical commentary coming from this community and its not to far fetched to see that clearly some people shouldn't be gaming. If you come here and fight for said company like its a religion or cult, or make comments to the extent of "this company has never let me down, so I will always be loyal to them!" What sane adult says things like that?
STARRHUNTER29  +   951d ago

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