DmC - How Ninja Theory Surprised Everyone

MMGN: Be honest. Were you actually expecting Ninja Theory to pull off a successful reboot of the beloved series that is Devil May Cry?

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smashman981919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Amazing article but I loved ninja theory's previous games so I never had any doubts for this one

prototypeknuckles1919d ago

how did they surprise anyone, its an okay game but its not an amazing AAA game, its not crap, its just average, enslaved was meh, heavenly sword was actually good, kung fu chaos was crap.

rdgneoz31918d ago

Ensalved had a good story, it was the combat that was crap and the platforming did itself. Heavenly Sword was just too short, but great besides that.

Tontus1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

I don't understand why people praise the story for Enslaved, it's non-existent.


To my understanding you play as a steroid induced Monkey who's forced to escort a whiny bitch to her home otherwise face certain death. She reaches her home to find everyone dead, they come across a hideous pig man who does nothing but eye up Trip. They endeavour to stop the person responsible for enslaving people, turns out Andy Serkis is responsible and he was trying to be a good guy by making people live virtual lives in peace even though at the beginning of the game we see a slave murdered just for mildly assisting Monkey.

I think the story along with everything else is rubbish. Didn't like Heavenly Sword and DmC may be their first 'good' game but it's nothing special, people are only surprised because of Ninja Theory's past games and because DMC fans were convinced the game was going to be a turd.

ginsunuva1918d ago

AAA = high budget. You guys sound stupid using that word in the wrong manner.

smashman981918d ago

Lol I know right bit on a much more clever note this game is definitely SSS

vork771918d ago

it surprised me how crappy this is

mprunty1918d ago

Nice article. I too am a fan of Ninja Theory's work. Looking forward to picking this game up soon.

Elda1918d ago

My OPINION....I loved Heavenly Sword,Enslaved was ok,I'm still in the begining of DmC & so far as gameplay,level designs & Dante's voice acting NT pulled it off big time!...Capcom knew what they were doing business wise by hiring NT to develop this reboot.

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