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Submitted by halocursed 1117d ago | news

Wii U Price Drop Spotted At UK Retailer

GR - "Just a good deal, or a sign of more to come?" (Wii U)

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Akuma-  +   1117d ago
a precedent has been set by nintendo where consumers know theyll drop their prices soon after release or expected to. this is what happens when you sell crap at a high price point, youll need to drop prices. we'll see if this will be adopted across all regions. the wii u should be less than half the asking price. the parts of a wii u shouldnt be over 160quids because its using all outdated parts from years ago with the newest part being 5 years old.

@ Neonridr

""You know I am glad you get your comment in early, that way the rest of us users can actually have a coherent discussion with relevant points.""

good to see you with a relevant point there mate. is it true that the wii u will play games in 4k resolution and run games that looks like bf3 on ultra? lol. i also heard the wii u can read 300gb blu rays. lol, ps3 is more powerful and can do everything a wii u does but better.
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Neonridr  +   1117d ago
You know I am glad you get your comment in early, that way the rest of us users can actually have a coherent discussion with relevant points.
Irishguy95  +   1117d ago
Hahaha, your comment lacks relevance to the topic at hand

I'll be getting this eventually anyway. Maybe in a year or so.
Kingofwiiu  +   1117d ago
The wiiu is being sold at a loss. what this tells us is the parts are newer and more expensive than old consoles.

Propietary blu ray based Disc system for example is not the PoS that the 360 utilizes and it's faster than the ps3's blu ray drive.

Then you have the GPGPU which is obviously where Nintendo have focused their attention and makes up
most of the $300 - $100 for the gamepad.

Trine 2 directors cut and Rayman legends . Nuff said.
metroid32  +   1117d ago
GPGPU in wiiu cost 70 dollars it's got 800 stream processor's and is around 1.3 terrabytes of compute power enough said.
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MEsoJD  +   1117d ago
Nintendo makes the money back on the console with the sell of one piece of software. The only tech I can think of that drove the price up was the gamepad/console tech/sync. If that's not important to one in a console, it can seem too high for what you get. As it stands, I would only consider getting one around $150-200, but that's because the gamepad gimmick is not desirable to me.
Gr81  +   1117d ago
Remember Sony and the PS3? They set a precedent too then right? They cut that price like every 6 months lol.
vallencer  +   1117d ago
Where are you getting all this 4k from?? No system is confirmed to do that. Also even if any of them do are you going to have the thousands and thousands of dollars to buy a 4k tv??
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Kos-Mos  +   1117d ago
I think your bashing of the greatest video-game company of all time is outdated and not very wise. Wise up, get stupid.
Dread  +   1117d ago
o god

another sony elitist.

on point:

although I am not interested in the wiiu yet, i would not be so arrogant as to start hating on it. Show some respect for nintendo, they have proven most core gamers wrong during the last six years.
ozzywazzy  +   1117d ago
Akuma speaks nothing but gospel. @ dread, your absolutely right, they have proven most gamers wrong by believing in them the past six years. The wii was a steaming pile of horse poo and the wii u is a steaming pile of horse poo with a tablet.

Nintendo needs to die and this way we could play Zelda and metroid without having to buy a new console for TWO games.
BlackWolf  +   1117d ago
Gospel my a**. Akuma is a certified hater, and so are you, as it seems you worship him or something. Please, this is getting redundant and boring.
Grow up!
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1116d ago
***"Show some respect for nintendo"***

Wish you had the same mentality for other companies...
LOL_WUT  +   1117d ago
Welcome back Akuma ;)

This was inevitable where in the UK the Wii U wasn't a big hit so the price was bound to go down. Hopefully it follows suit here in the US. ;)
PopRocks359  +   1117d ago
Okay, where and why the hell are people giving a troll like Akuma any support?

As for you, it's just a temporary sale. Don't spin it.
hazardman  +   1116d ago
Are you serious Akuma, Ryu must have just hit you upside your head with a. Dragon punch fireball combo..hahaha Wii U is worth more than half price dude. Its just not selling well right now. Plus there's really no games out for it, none that interest me anyway. Soon as they get some more games especially exclusives they'll be fine. A price drop is only gonna help them out, yeah it will be at a lost for a bit but they'll make money on it. Look at the 3DS dibacle(excuse my spelling) and look how well the 3DS is doing now. In time man, shit its only been in the market for 2.5 months talk to me 3.5 months from now and then we can make more sense of how well the console is or isn't doing. I like giving atleast a 6 month to products before I can really judge it. Be gamer and stop hating!
1upgamer99  +   1116d ago
Could you be anymore of a jerk? NO, I have PS3 and Wii U, and it CAN NOT do all the same things, and certainly not better. Can you Play BOPS2 online same room with a friend both online, on two different screens on PS3???? Uh NO! Perhaps your ignorance is why you only have ONE BUBBLE. Your comments are "Rubbish".
WiiUsauce  +   1115d ago
you're a moron if you think the next Playstation will support 4K resolution. Kaz Harai himself just said he thinks it's gonna take a decade for 4K technology to catch on.
Phil32  +   1117d ago
Oh hey. Another fanboy pissing contest on N4G. This is definitely something never before seen on this site.
PopRocks359  +   1117d ago
Oh so now it's the fault of both sides of the spectrum. Great. Aside from Kingofwiiu, I haven't see any Nintendo fans/regulars trashing Sony/Microsoft. Correct me if I'm wrong.
1upgamer99  +   1116d ago
I am a HUGE Nintendo fan, but I like games, therefor I can be really close friends with Sony too. I don't care for Xbox360 (much) but NO I do not go and bash Microsoft articles. The worst thing I ever said about Microsoft was about the Illumiroom and all that I said was I thought that It was too distracting, and would be cool for an hour or two. One of my reasons for saying that is the room (from what I have seen) has to be pretty dark.
metroid32  +   1117d ago
WiiU gpgpu is a beast and is at least 2 generations ahead of ps3 and the rest.
MasterCornholio  +   1117d ago
The PS4 and the 720 wont have a pricey tablet controller so the manufacturers can dedicate more cost to the actual hardware of the console. Which probably means that the PS4 and the 720 will probably have a better GPU than the Wii U so i really dont see a point in rushing out to buy a Wii U now. The best thing to do is to wait and see what the PS4 and the 720 will be like.

But why are Nintendo fans freaking out over graphics all of a sudden? In the past all they cared about was the most important aspect of gaming and that's game play. Now they wont stop talking about how great the GPGPU is and they neglect a mention of the unique controller that the Wii U has.

BTW you mentioned that the Wii U is 2 generations ahead of the PS3 but i honestly dont see that yet. If the Wii U can produce visuals like this then i would be inclined to believe you.


At the moment even ground zeroes is a current generation title and it looks better than anything that the Wii U has.

I wonder why they didnt announce this game for the Wii U? Its strange because Kojima has a good relationship with Nintendo and its just odd that neither this game or Rising is coming out for it. At least the Wii U has Bayonetta 2 but im wondering if its a permanent exclusive or a timed one.


4k isnt happening for consoles any time soon so stop hyping BS.
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Cam977  +   1117d ago
"At least 2 generations ahead..."
MEsoJD  +   1117d ago
I sure haven't seen it, but than again that controller must take a lot of processing/resources.
DivineAssault  +   1117d ago
too early for a pricedrop every1 says.. lol it will begin as a promo sale & then be finalized as a price drop everywhere shortly after.. Otherwise, it better get some KICK A$$ exclusives if they wanna sell
Zodiac  +   1117d ago
UK retailers can set prices as they please for Nintendo consoles. That's just they agreement they have. Maybe Sony as well since some random Vita price drops were usually in the UK.
Venox2008  +   1117d ago
just ordered ^^ :) hell, I wanted to wait for some time, but this was such a decent deal :) I know price will lower after some time, but my curiosity wins over me, especially when I have a posibility to buy, oh well, I hope that more people will buy Wii U.. cant wait! :)
stuntman_mike  +   1116d ago
you wont regret it, it's an awesome little machine that will only get better. and the miiverse is excellent.
Venox2008  +   1116d ago
I loved Wii & Gamecube and Ninty for me are the best overall, so I think I wont regret, just I wanted to buy it little bit later till I get more money, but this deal looked sweet :) I hope that there 'll be a physical Nintendo Land copy not download like I heard in some packages was in Amazon I think.. other thing I wish they 'll fix loading times soon... Now I want Nano Assault Neo.. and newly announced Amarino (or something like that) .. but biggest reason I bought Wii U for Bayonetta 2 :D now one day Vita & PS4 and we are set for next gen :D happy gaming! :)
stuntman_mike  +   1116d ago
if you haven't got it already get Trine 2 it awesome on WiiU, to be honest the loading times aren't that bad (for me anyway.. I still remember waiting for the spectrum to load lol), just be ready for the long update when you get it.

nano assault is just like Super Stardust on PS3, mighty switch force is really good too and addictive (if you haven't got it on 3DS.) there's loads more to come.

I've been looking at a Vita for a while now (it's just a case of money) and I cant wait for PS4 too.

Happy Gaming.
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mrbojingles  +   1117d ago
Way to write a misleading title to get hits.

Its just a temporary sale. Its already been well documented the Wii U isn't selling too well in Europe.
Qrphe  +   1116d ago
I hate when they keep on using that outdated pad on any picture. It's like still using boomerang controller pics to represent the PS3.
1upgamer99  +   1116d ago
Outdated pad? Really? Because I did not know that any other console could do what the Wii U / gamepad does...couple of PS3 games do some stuff with Vita, but far from all of what the gamepad on Wii U does, and I am also a PS3 fan, so I am just saying.
GenHero  +   1116d ago
calm down. He talking about the picture of the 1st wiiu pad the article is using. he's not insulting the game pad
Thepcz  +   1116d ago
id take the price drop with a pinch of salt, it is big news here that electronic retail is doing extremely bad in the uk. hmv have gone into administration along with others. maybe some retailers are simply trying to get more sales on a 'hot' product.
millzy102  +   1116d ago
this always happens in UK we have january sales and as retailers are allowed to set there own priced a lot of things go on sale, rrp is only a recommendation but manufactures can't force prices on retailers in Europe something to do with European trading laws.

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