Some pictures of Kojima at the Dubai press event

At this moment, Kojima is holding a press event in Dubai, where he had a lot of interviews. Kojima himself, as well as his executive assistant Ayako, posted some pictures on their Twitter accounts, a couple of which can be seen below.

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Hingle_Mcringleberry1949d ago

What? Please no. Please let us not approve pictures of a man at an event on a gaming news website. I beg you.

leahcim1949d ago

it is so obvious that you never had played a Metal Gear game before...

for the gaming world this man its a SUPERSTAR

DOMination-1948d ago

Yes he is but the photos are not news i guess was their point.

Walker1949d ago

haha, im from dubai and i saw kojima in Jumeirah Beach !

Septic1949d ago

You're from Dubai?? Lucky sod! I'm trying to move there. Did you get a picture with him? PM me as you're out of bubbles. + Bubs for interesting

doogiebear1949d ago Show
doogiebear1949d ago

Waiting for new MGO news >_<

DaThreats1949d ago

What's with those xbox booths?

Metal Gear is recognized as a Playstation title

Belking1949d ago

It's called business. Money is money no matter where it comes from.

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