Dark Souls – More than just a hardcore game

Why Dark Souls is one of the most rewarding games of this generation.

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MagneticDeath1495d ago

I personally liked Demon Souls better, but both games were awesome. I thought Demon Souls was a lil harder but then again I imported the Asian version so there wasnt any walkthroughs or help out there. I reccamend going back to Demon Souls if you liked Dark Souls so much.

DragonKnight1495d ago

I agree with you. Plus, I still think the entirety of Boletarian Palace (from 1-1 to 1-4) is the best area of the game and the series.

And, I mean how can you not mention Garl and Astraea? Both games are great though, and very very addictive.

MagneticDeath1495d ago

Agreed, awesome boss fight. The Npc's were alot better too loved the maiden in black and Yurt.

Reverent1495d ago

Garl Vinland and Ornstein have to be the greatest RPG villain (speaking loosely since neither would really be considered villains, more of just opponents) video game characters this gen.

I have a really hard time deciding which one of the two I like best. Maybe a fight to the death between them would settle it.

ThanatosDMC1495d ago

Well, there were also lots of enemy traps. Remember the crossbowmen + two blue eyed knights right outside the Tower Knight gate? You're low on stamina but you had a-holes to deal with after you ran away from the dragon.

Worst one was the two black phantom fat official guys in a narrow hallway or when you're trudging along the swamp and a black phantom sorcerer throws powerful fireball spells to your face and you cant dodge it... but then you look behind you and there's three giant trolls about to kill you.

Mr-SellJack1495d ago

best game i've played this generation by far

NYC_Gamer1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

It's one of the best rpgs released on current hardware

InMyOpinion1495d ago

To me Dark Souls is more of a lifestyle. :)

yeahokchief1495d ago

All the above commenters are awesome.

Demon's/Dark Souls were easily my GOTY.