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Submitted by Emilio_Estevez 1118d ago | news

PS Vita 32GB memory card can display 100 apps, no more


'Many avid gamers bought a 32GB memory card for the PS Vita because it would, ostensibly, hold all of the games and apps they wanted. One Vita owner and NeoGAF member discovered that even if the 32GB card has space remaining in its storage, the Vita can display only up to 100 apps.' (PS Vita)

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Godchild1020  +   1118d ago
This was already known and already complained about. That's why so many Vita owners want folders for their Vita Apps. I have a 32GB card and have a good amount of downloadable titles; PSP games, Minis, PSM, PS1 games and apps and I still haven't gotten to 100 apps, nor do I need that many. But to each their own and I second the notion for folders for the Vita.

EDIT: Never mind, I am closing in on 100 apps on my Vita, thanks to plus, that holiday sale and the free titles/apps that hit the store(PSN & PSMS).
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Nitrowolf2  +   1118d ago
you would be surprise how quickly 100 apps fill
SilentNegotiator  +   1118d ago
Especially with Playstation mobile bringing small games and apps to the mix.

Sony really dropped the ball handling memory.
UltraVegito  +   1118d ago
Sony should really do something about that limit.

Hopefully the next update?
nevin1  +   1118d ago
"That's why so many Vita owners want folders for their Vita Apps."

Im not an expert, but do you mean like how I can move stuff around on PSP via a PC?
Neo Nugget  +   1118d ago
I was thinking folders ala iPhone/Android where you make a folder than stick a bunch of other apps inside them to take up less space.

Dunno if that would even solve the issue though.
sitharrefus  +   1118d ago
I think he is referring on how the 3DS has the folder, and they need to add folders for a better management of apps.
Godchild1020  +   1118d ago
Neo Nugget & sitharrefus are correct. Something similar to that, to better manage the types of games you have on your Vita which frees up more space to add more bubbles to your Vita's home screen.

PS1 with other PS1 games, PSP with PSP, Minis with Minis, Etc... Even if you could only fit 4-6 inside a folder, would be an improve and help manage the your games better. The PS3 has it to an extent.
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Irishguy95  +   1118d ago
It's an easy fix, I hope it comes out. I was think I wouldn't need it but I have like 75 already
MasterCornholio  +   1118d ago
I would really love folders. Hopefully that will come with a future firmware update.
nukeitall  +   1118d ago
I would be pissed if I spent way too much on overpriced memory and then found out I can't really use all that capacity!

Surprised this hasn't come to light earlier and gained more traction.
Hicken  +   1117d ago
Troll harder. It's not about not being able to use all the capacity, as you can easily fill that 32GB up with less than 100 apps.

It's that the 32GB card is the largest and likely only card capable of having space for that many different apps; the limit is not on the card, but the Vita, which isn't programmed to display more than 100 apps.

Is it something that should be fixed? Sure. But is it something to be "pissed" about? Not really.

As usual- and as evidenced by your other comment- you're only here to stir crap up.
ThanatosDMC  +   1118d ago
I wish I had a bigger capacity than 32gb. I cant put all the stuff i own on the PSN that is Vita supported on my Vita because I dont have enought memory.
DivineAssault  +   1118d ago
Sony has no choice but to firmware update vita with folders.. Im sure theyre working on it now & the store will have an update too.. I have the maximum number of pages already But i have a few spaces in each.. Idk how long that will last tho, ps plus & all the free stuff that keeps coming will fill that in no time
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profgerbik  +   1118d ago
Who the fuck is using over 100 things at one time on any machine? This is the dumbest complaint I swear, none of you actually use every single app on your Vita every single day or even for months at a time probably.. So why on earth do you even leave it on there?

Why the hell do you need 100 spaces filled that you clearly aren't using.

First of all 32GB isn't that much space it would seem more logical to remove things that you do not use and simply redownload them later when you feel like playing it again.

I mean if you are a collector I could completely understand but even then a collector is smart enough to do the math, most likely 100 apps or games would not even fit on a 32GB card..

So thinking about that I even wonder if you all have over 100 apps because there aren't that many small files on the Vita to be filling up those spaces, if you were filling them with PSP or PS Vita games which clearly you aren't there isn't even barely over 100 Vita games at the moment anyway..

I really would love to see these screen shots of you people using all 100 spaces. I really would, I would love for you to honestly tell me even if you did that you use every single thing on there frequently..

No, just disagree don't prove me wrong. If you have a Vita you can easily take a screen shot of your pages of 100 apps.. I am not even being a dick but it seriously doesn't even make sense mathematically knowing how big games are that you would even manage to fit 100 games on a 32GB card.
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kwyjibo  +   1118d ago
Who the fuck wants to delete and redownload their apps because the OS is rubbish?

Obviously, the Vita catalogue is a lot smaller, but take a look at people's Steam folder sizes, or the amount of apps people have on their phones.

I've not touched Angry Birds in months, yet I keep it on my phone, just because I can.
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profgerbik  +   1118d ago
Again prove to me you even use that much in the first place and I will gladly say we need more than 100 spaces.

That wasn't my point, the point was if you aren't using that much crap on your Vita what point is there on keeping on the system? None.

If you are seriously that lazy it bothers you that much to delete something I feel bad for you. I mean I get it technology is great but how lazy can people be really.

If I don't play a game on my PC for months which has over 4 TB of space, I still delete the game it's unnecessary to just keep something on my machine simply because I want to have a bunch of crap on it. It's common sense even if you had every single Vita game digitally there is no fucking way it would even fit on 32GB card to fill 100 spaces anyway.. It's practically takes me just as long to delete something as it would to install something, it's not a big deal because it's not a hassle.

Like I said it would make more sense if you were a collector but most people aren't collecting that many games and there aren't even that many Vita games to begin with right now. No one really caters to the minority which would be collectors.

Literally there is slightly over 100+ including games that haven't been released yet.. So I don't get why this is such a huge problem for people when there aren't that many games to be creating a problem for this right now, so it's no wonder Sony could really careless about addressing this issue immediately.

Yea and Angry Birds is a small ass file.. Again straying from the whole concept of my rant in the first place.

Edit: Since I am out of bubbles, @ your comment below. That is fine but you still are missing the point, there is only a 32GB card available. People are whining about filling more spaces on pages when there isn't even enough memory to begin with.. Do you see my point?

You comparing it to PC's is stupid because like you and I both obviously know PC's are capable of having much more space, So yes I could understand that more for a system that has enough storage memory to do so and not having enough space to display applications on screen but the Vita right now is far from that with only a 32GB card.
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kwyjibo  +   1118d ago
Pro, we obviously value our space differently. I have a 1TB drive on my PC, and its full of great movies that I've only watched once or twice. I've got Skyrim installed still and I haven't touched that in half a year.

I'll start deleting them when my disk gets full. Chances are, I'll just buy a new disk.

Someone clearly has hit the 100 mark, or else this story wouldn't have appeared. Can you imagine if Steam only let you have 100 games, it'd just be pure incompetence. And yet from nothing, Sony have made it an issue.
Seraphemz  +   1118d ago
I cant imagine having 100 apps on the vita. I dont even have that many on my phone.

So I agree with you, i think that its completely unnecessary to have that many apps,but if its an easy fix, SONY should just let the people that want that many have them.
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CalvinKlein  +   1118d ago
ohh sorry your god sony made a stupid limit on something you probably dont even have. Tell us why we are stupid for questioning sony's genious of limiting the number of icons you can have.

I only have an 8 gb card but If I had a 32 Id expect to put as many icons as I want on the thing. This is almost as dumb as not having folders to organize our games and apps in.

And dont you think this becomes more and more possible for people as more and more games and apps come out? What happens when there is 64 gb memory card.

And on topic of deleting, guess you dont have a vita or oyu would know how wrong your rant anbout people being too lazy to delete stuff is. You have to transfer THE ENTIRE VITA GAME to the pc or PS3 unless you want to loose you game saves, and the transfer is slow as shit. In other words, if you delete a vita game it also deletes the saves with it. You have to go through and transfer the WHOLE game to the PC or PS3 in order to keep your saves. You gonna praise sony for that stupid move too and call us dumb for wanting separate saves that dont require transferring the ENTIRE vita game to keep our saves?

you sony fanbhoys sure are defensive. Even stupid stuff like this is a wonderful idea to you and you call people stupid or whiny for wanting things that are simply common sense. The thing has been out over a year now and they have had plenty of time to fix some of these things.

Ohh and I guess that you forgot that its not just vita games that have an icon, but apps(even ones yu cant delete), ps1 games, psp games, minis, and PS mobile games. So as you can see, the VITA HAS WAY MORE THAN 100 games and plenty of smaller stuff that could fit on the 32 GB card.
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MetalProxy  +   1118d ago
I agree man! Having a 100 aps or more is really ridiculous.

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nukeitall  +   1118d ago
Nobody really uses more than one app at a time, so maybe we should just be allowed to store one app on the card?

Point being, people want to have access to *all* their content even though they don't use it all the time or at *once*.
ThanatosDMC  +   1118d ago
You'd be surprised at how many minis, psp, and ps1 games some people have.
Neo Nugget  +   1118d ago
I'm already at my 32gig limit, but then again I do buy lots of retail games off of PSN.

WTB 64 gig card, please!
profgerbik  +   1118d ago
Yes now this makes plenty of sense how about asking for bigger memory cards before asking for more places to put things that clearly won't be able to be put there anyway on a 32GB card..

Mainly my point, I can agree a bigger memory card would be a much better starting point before worrying about more spaces on pages.

Thats like sporting a 100mb harddrive but complaining about how I don't have 100 spaces to fill.. Should be the other way around.
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ThanatosDMC  +   1118d ago
I'd rather have those 1-2TB cards they were talking about back then... those super high capacity memory sticks.

I could use a terabyte. It'll probably get filled up by videos alone.
Squall5005  +   1118d ago
Here's my main problem with the Vita.

I have a 16GB memory card with quite a lot of apps on. I spent ages arranging them all onto pages and grouping certain apps together. I took the memory card out and popped in a 8gb memory card to put some Final Fantasy games on. When I put my 16gb card back into the machine, all my apps had rearranged themselves and they're a mess again. I can't be bothered to sort them out again because they'll only mess up when I swap the card out again to play some FF.
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Seraphemz  +   1118d ago
that would piss me off too...
Lionalliance  +   1118d ago
Reduce the damn price of the Memory cards DX!!!
Baddo_Ekkusuchi  +   1118d ago
Sony, i like you but....*facepalm smh
Conzul  +   1117d ago
I know I know!

Kinda makes you feel like a Red Sox fan sometimes, right? The people you root for and love always come so close to getting it right, but one, damn, little, fucking...thing....

Edit: For instance, I was filming a family event with my Vita's camera. I thought I had it covered where I walked off for a drink, but guess what? The Vita can only record 30 mins of video before an arbitrary cutoff, regardless of how much space is left.
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-Gespenst-  +   1118d ago
I don't, and never will care about or use apps.
Y_5150  +   1118d ago
So you never used a computer in your life? It has app(lication)s as well like Microsoft word app and Google Chrome are apps for a computer.
-Gespenst-  +   1118d ago
You know what I mean. Shitty little pointless smartphone "toys" for people with ADD.
marie784   1118d ago | Spam
ziggurcat  +   1118d ago
why in the world would you need to have 100 apps at any given time on your vita to begin with?

i mean, space is quite limited, and you can always back up your **** onto your PC/mac or just redownload the game if you ever decide to play it again anyway... i don't get why people hold onto things.
BanBrother  +   1117d ago
Your missing the point. Why re-download it when you should be able to just keep it on there? Whywould you even defend that? Sony made an obvious mistake, and just over-looked the issue. If people say they have 100 apps, I believe them.
PAYNEinc85  +   1118d ago
We need a company to make some Chinese knock off memory cards. Like a 64 gig for about $40. That'd be fantastic.
Kingthrash360  +   1118d ago
Petty and old complaint... But a complaint non the less. Sony may fix but I don't think its a priority.
All systems have little things that could be done better. But yeah this is petty. The 80$ mem card is a real complaint. I have real reasons that I see no articles about one for each system
3ds... Is it me or do I feel cheated when my head hurts too much to play the 3ds in 3d mode? I go to turn it off but then think...why did I buy a 3ds if I don't like the 3d aspect
360... Why am I paying for Internet again? I already pay Time Warner for their Internet service and the game come with it so why am I paying Microsoft? When I buy a computer its free I bought an Xbox I shouldn't have to pay again.
Or ps3... Wtf is maintenance? Is there some janitor that cleans my ps3 and turns off my connection until he's finished?
Or wiiU dam ZeldaHD shoulda been a launch game you teased it when the wiiU was introduced why not make the game?and four tablet connection would have been nice... With All these multiplayer games.
Rant over, but article ideas for all
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SqueezedWeazel  +   1117d ago
I want 64 Gig Card, I was downloading games like a madman thinking i have so much space....then voila happened... and now I am sitting there deciding what games to have on vita and which ones to put on ps3 memory... I really hope they announce to us if and when a bigger memory card is gonna be available
SephirothItachi-  +   1117d ago
You don't "need" 100 apps and this is a problem for a VERY small minority.
kingPoS  +   1117d ago
I see a firmware update in the future.

I really can't imagine the ps3 without folders for media content... It's like agony to even think of going without it.

Captain Tuttle  +   1117d ago
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Captain Tuttle  +   1117d ago
Sony STILL doesn't have it together. Giving terrible service to your most loyal and active customers smh. It's not like the Vita came out last month.
sdfhjtyfgjrtj   1117d ago | Spam

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