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Core fans need to adapt or die

The video game industry has changed, where developers now have to cater towards a majority of casual gamers as DmC proves. Should core gamers accept this and adapt, or bitch and moan with their wallets - but at what cost. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

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Snookies12  +   455d ago
Wtf is this? I can already tell this is biased based on the title and description.

"Should core gamers accept this and adapt, or bitch and moan with their wallets"

Yeah... This sounds like it'll be a fair and unbiased look at both the casual and core sides of gamers.... /s
SilentNegotiator  +   455d ago
Skyrim proved that you don't need multiplayer or a dull easy game to succeed.

Casual gamer focus just means that you have to be prepared to lose most of your audience when the next thing pulls into the station. Hard/core games that get strong audience numbers tend to keep strong audience numbers.
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DragonKnight  +   455d ago
Or even QA testing.
360ICE  +   455d ago
Well, there's always Elder Scrolls Online on the side, and you can lower the difficulty in Skyrim.
Irishguy95  +   455d ago
Skyrim wasn't Dull and Easy?

Sorry my main problem with that game is that it lacks any semblance of challenge, it IS dull and easy. More so due to game design than anything. The combat system is so terrible that doesn't have any room for Skill. Just backtracking and/or button mashing with some healing or magic spamming involved.

You think having a dragon fight is epic? Yes, it flies around you burning you(which you can do nothing about, **** running or hiding, it simply doesn't work, you will get hit and that's it) while you either spam magic at it, or hit it with arrows and heal any damage it gives you with your infinitely returning magic supply. Then it will land at it's own digression and you will have a retarded Button mash/block contest until it takes off and repeats itself.

Skyrim is stupidly easy. It's part of the problem I have with level scaling/ They could at least try to make the combat system more fun, or at least try and put some variety in their instead of every enemy being a different skin. The eventual outcome of Skyrim is that combat becomes a hindrance rather than something fun. Thus ruining the game because the thing is so built around fighting things and exploring dungeons while fighting things

Edit--- As far as i'm concerned, Skyrim is a casual Exploration game, an RPG lite, and the idea of it is much cooler than the end result. Which is a badly design game with a nice world to explore. You know what the difference is between Hardcore and Casual games? It's called depth, something Skyrim lacks
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MikeMyers  +   455d ago
This is about DMC and how some people who call themselves gamers won't even give the new one a chance. This does in fact seem to be the case judging by some forum comments and trolls quickly going to metacritic and giving it low scores right away.

Nobody is forcing you to like it, or forcing you to play it, but it is your responsibility to judge it fairly.
Blacktric  +   455d ago
Oh look, it's another utterly biased "article" written by the king of the manchildren Robert Cram... Keep the sheep mentality going Robert. You are great at it.
aliengmr  +   455d ago
Disagree completely.
ShadesMoolah  +   455d ago
Totally agree.
Farsendor1  +   455d ago
disagree,it seems like most casuals play cod so why should developers focus on the casuals that just buy 2 or 3 games a year.
NYC_Gamer  +   455d ago
I believe original fans of franchises have every right to be upset about casual changes and should let their wallet speak
DragonKnight  +   455d ago
Given that core fans are the lifeblood of the industry, and casuals are a fickle bunch that will buy your stuff one day and not the next, developers should be listening to the core fans that spend more money over time than casuals at one time.
JBSleek  +   455d ago
It's hard to even write an article about this really because people quickly dismiss this idea and core gamers are very quick to dismiss ideas or even acknowledge the mobile or casual market is growing and viable business and for gaming.

I really wished gamers would just grow up and see both sides and understand that they both can live together and not dismiss the other side just because it doesn't cater to their particular needs.
Hicken  +   455d ago
Core fans don't need to adapt. Perhaps they should be a bit more accepting, but they don't need to adapt.

Can you tell me one market that has tapped into the casual crowd and since thrived on it? The best thing about a large casual following is that it means there's a large number of people that could potentially become core.

Casual crowds are fickle. No industry can survive on the casual alone, because they're likely to abandon the industry as easily as they picked it up. And if the core is gone at that time, what's left to sustain that industry?

JBSleek  +   455d ago
DragonKnight  +   454d ago

Are a fad.
DragonKnight  +   455d ago
@JBSleek: Your attitude is flawed. We shouldn't acknowledge the growing casual market because they mean that the standards of development will change to a point where we won't enjoy gaming anymore since it will be filled with games of little challenge and watered down plots and mainstream characters. Why should anyone want that just to cater to an unpredictable audience?
delboy  +   455d ago
If the Core gamers die, the industry dies with us.
The Core gamers made the industry in the first place.
nirwanda  +   455d ago
Core gamers won't die but if your a real gamer you should give everything a go.
Look at the movie industry not everyone wants to watch the oscar winning movies sometimes people just want a mindless comedy that doesn't involve to much concentration
delboy  +   455d ago
Agree about the movie stuff.
You can choose what kind of a movie you want to watch,should be same with games, with everything actually, right to choose.
But core gamers in the future might lose that right to choose, because the industry is trying to hard to appeal to casual crowd pushing and forcing casual stuff in almost every game.

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