GameSpot reviews Wipeout Pulse

More than just an enjoyable racing game, Wipeout Pulse is on the forefront of what the PSP has to offer technologically. With an online mode, custom soundtracks, and even a photo mode, there isn't much else on the console that the developers have failed to take advantage of. True, the game itself isn't a revolutionary change from the previous entry in the series, but if you've enjoyed Wipeout games in the past and have yet to play them in handheld form, then Wipeout Pulse is definitely worth checking out.

The Good:
* Online multiplayer
* Includes a custom-soundtrack option
* Incredibly deep single-player game
* Extremely polished.

The Bad:
* Doesn't move on significantly from the last game
* Very punishing difficulty at the later stages.

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EZCheez3944d ago

This is starting to get ridiculous. I know HVB has it already, but give us something Sony.

On topic, great score for a great game. The first Wipeout on PSP was a real favorite of mine, and it was also the first gateway to having a web browser on the PSP.

lalilulelo3944d ago

why does the hard difficulty on the last stages make it one of the "bad"?