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PS4 and Xbox 720 rumors enter silly mode with dueling power reports

XMNR: Debates over which console is the most powerful is common among the games industry media and fans. However, you can always tell when the rumor hype for next-gen machines hit a new level of silliness when competing reports of which unreleased and unannounced hardware is more powerful. That is exactly what we received Thursday for the Playstation 4 and next Xbox (aka Xbox 720). (Next-Gen)

mandf  +   998d ago
This whole gen has been like that.
Akuma-  +   998d ago
to do 4k natively for games is in sonys best interest so i think the sony playstation might be the more powerful console next gen. i like sony because they are the best company for wide variety of quality games and amazing dev studios. ill definitely own all next gen consoles but ill favour the one with the most and best exclusives and gen after gen sony has been number 1 in that area of providing a wide variety of unique and quality exclusive titles. i wont believe any rumours until the company releases real specs but im hoping for a massive leap in tech over ps3.

i know the characters "4k" hurts a lot of people just to see it because it entails a lot of power to make it possible. also haters, fanboys and the jealous types that wont be able to afford 4k tvs even when they are at consumer friendly prices are on a journey of spreading pure doom and gloom about the tech because itll be pushed mostly by sony. i feel sorry for these types because 4k is practically here and the first console to support 4k will be the ps4. 15000 blu ray movies , a 4k streaming service , 55in plus 65 in cheaper 4k tv and a ps4 releasing all this year. sucks that the ps3 and xbox is more powerful than a wii u so imagine how neglected the wii u will be when all these powerful systems are out and it cant keep up.

i cant wait for the ps4
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Kingofwiiu  +   998d ago
PS4 and 720 will most likely be very powerfull and when optimized will destroy most console/PC graphics today. But did you really have to speak out of your ass about the wiiu ?

Weaker than ps3 and 360 ? what basis are you going on ? The fact that Blops 2 is the 360 version with V-sync and destroys the ps3 version , or Trine 2 trumping the other 2 consoles version in every single way ?

Remember wiiu has JUST. FU&KING LAUNCHED. The best graphics will start to come with Pikmin 3 and beyond. Xbox 360 launch titles were uprezzed Ps2 and xbox games after all.

When ps4 and 720 arrive the launch games are gunna look almost the same as xbox 360 graphics probably with higher framerate and resoloution.
It's gunna be like the xbox 360 launch but even MORE dissapointing. Calling it now.

And 4K games ? lol no , 1080p native upscaled to 4K ? Possible. 4K 2D none intense indie games ? possible.

Is there even a difference worth caring about between 4K and 1080p ? Not really..
testerg35  +   998d ago
"to do 4k natively for games is in sonys best interest so i think the sony playstation might be the more powerful console next gen"... are you serious??
3-4-5  +   998d ago
Akuma - LOL. Your sooo right...just look at all the families with 4k Tv's......

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jmac53  +   998d ago
4K is here...haha! You are equating a console that supposed to have mass appeal with a TV that at the moment costs $20,000. 4K will be here in about 5 years for the consumer.
animegamingnerd  +   998d ago
"to do 4k natively for games is in sonys best interest so i think the sony playstation might be the more powerful console next gen" sony isn't doing that well and the 4k TV they made isn't selling well so what would be the point in putting it in the PS4 at the most we will see 1080P at 60 frames
SolDojo  +   998d ago
4k streaming...

are you out of your mind :(

this is only possible in places like s.korea with 100mb connections, not happening in America for...ever
iNathan  +   998d ago
The Next Big Fight is almost upon us
If you thought 360 vs Ps3 was anything, next gen will be 10x times worse!

Forums will explode, N4G will go down by E3.

Get Ready, its almost here!
Az1mov  +   998d ago
I love this comment hahaha worse is scary tbh
Dlacy13g  +   998d ago
One thing this generation really did was bring not only the Sony / MS fanboy war to the forefront but it really does appear to now be a 3 way fight with Sony/MS/PC fanboys all taking shots at each other. Nintendo always manages to stay out of the fray somehow even though they have some of the most loyal fans. lol

I for one will just wait for final "official" specs before deciding which route I will go for my next console/gaming machine.
profgerbik  +   998d ago
I am surprised there aren't any Wii U vs PS4 vs 720 articles. I bet there probably are some..
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Dark5tar1  +   998d ago
I'm surprised as well but it makes sense because you can't compare a released product to a made-up product like the PS4 and Xbox where nothing has been revealed abot their power.
Dark5tar1  +   998d ago
Don't forget the Ouya, with their "hardcore mobile" fanboys.
sitharrefus  +   998d ago
and the steam box...
DivineAssault  +   998d ago
Theres fanboy wars because both sides know that the other has something their preferred console is lacking.. MS fans know that sony gets more games & better deals while sony fans know that MS built a good machine that handles ports better w slicker UI.. The same will happen nx gen but with different reasons.. Only i dont see one of them surviving after the nx gen war..
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sandman224  +   998d ago
I'm more interested in how multiplatform developers are going to deliver there games on each platform, are they going to make Xbox there lead platform then port everything to playstation. And if they do will it run as smooth or will be be performance issues. I might be getting ahead of myself with this topic but it will be something we'll be reading about in the future.
Saigon  +   998d ago
I think you are getting ahead of yourself, from the speculations, both systems are similar in spec.
cyclindk  +   998d ago
Wish someone would make a youtube video rendition of the console war with that Mortal Kombat theme music in the background. Controllers being slung around like Scorpion's rope/dagger thing... optical discs being frisbeed like Raiden's hat... don't know who the Wii would be, Reptile I guess cuz he's kinda like Yoshi..

Dun dun, dun dun dun nuh, dun dun, dun dun dun MORTAL KOMBAT!!!

Xbox Wins, Fatality!

That'd be a good name for a console, the "Fatality."

The new Fatality Game Console from the makers of Saw 1, 4 and 23. Includes two pairs of rectal forceps and a wireless reciprocating bone saw (only available in the Blood Bath edition).
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greenpowerz  +   998d ago

Just a few fanboys repsonding to leaked 720 rumors by making sh^T trying to paint a PlayStation as a all mighty super computer, again!

You really think Sony loyalist will allow the industry to think Sony's console isn't the platform pushing the most cutting edge? LOL

There is no back and forth, just leaked/rumored xbox specs that seemed to be a big jump and the people that can't allow others to be excited about an xbox in a technical prowess context(so they make up sh^t to pit one against the other usually gathering info that favors Sony)
Saigon  +   998d ago
Are you referring to that article that was recently posted?
kevnb  +   998d ago
so they name a bunch of specs that almost nobody understands, but everyone acts like they do.
wishingW3L  +   998d ago
if you don't know what those specs mean then you really don't have the slightest idea about technology. Is not like the specs were talking about bus architectures and other complicated stuff, they were talking about straight raw power. lol

Read some books man, use google for stuff other than looking for porn. -__-
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kevnb  +   998d ago
raw teraflops don't really tell us how games will run. Plus we have conflicting reports on the numbers (1.23 vs 3.2 terflops, wtf) , bits and pieces of info like bus speed and rendering tech... but nothing fully explained. To me it looks like a bunch of nonsense thrown together by people acting like they know something when they don't.
Or maybe even clueless reporters trying to throw together information they dont even understand from unknown sources that could be spewing bs.
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stefan771  +   998d ago
These rumours have been like that for a while now
landog  +   998d ago
I'll be happy with ps4 and nextbox capable of 1080p 30 frames with pc like settings of high resolution textures and good amounts of anti aliasing and proper v-sync to get rid of the annoying screen tear

people thinking that next gen consoles will do 4k are absolutely insane, it is NOT going to happen

people thinking next gen consoles are going to do current pc like 16x aa at 1080p with 60 frames and ultra textures and ssao and hdr and real time soft shadows and high density particle physics are insane, it is NOT going to happen

what we can expect is a game like metro 2033 at 1080p native resolution with 4x aa and 8x af running at 30 frames per second with zero screen tear and high-very high texture settings with beautiful shadowing and lighting....that will be a GIANT leap over what consoles do now

jaggies, screen tearing, sub-hd, very muddy textures, frames in the 20's, pop-in everywhere, awful shadows that flicker and move all over

to someone who only plays on console next gen will be a big jump,

to someone who games on pc and console, the next gen console games will look much closer to their pc games, though certainly not better

to someone who has only been gaming on pc for the last few years the next gen consoles will actually be a downgrade

but, all that matters to me, as someone who still plays ds and psp games, and ps2 games all the time, is the wonderful new ip's and gaming experiences next gen consoles will bring!

i have a high end gaming rig with a gtx 680 and i love shiny graphics, but honestly, right now im playing through resident evil 4 again with my wife (with some nice graphics mods:) because we we're disappointed in re6, and we are having a blast, it doesnt look great but it sure as hell is fun!

next gen is gonna be awesome, regardless of the power of the consoles, it will certainly be more powerful than ps3/360 and probably quite a bit more powerful than the wii u!
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black911  +   998d ago
Your just as Silly for making this article.
Max-Zorin  +   998d ago
N4G is gonna be Armageddon next gen.
DudeJets  +   998d ago
Why do people always go on about how when new consoles come out they are more powerful than pcs of the same time? It always makes me ponder my system that I've had since before ps3 launch was more powerful then and is still more powerful now and all I've done is change gpu cause the last one blew up. And the pc in its current state will still put out more power than what I believe the ps4 and nextBox will. The reason is because companies want to be cost effective.

Anyone who has a base understanding of hardware and costs will agree that the next consoles aren't going to be these graphical gods because the cost of the unit would rocket its obvious graphically there going to be reasonably similar and they will design the systems around higher frame rates etc..

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