European / Others Hardware Charts for Week Ending February 23rd, 2008

VGChartz reports that the European / Others hardware charts for week ending February 23rd, 2008 was as follows:

(IN brackets is last weeks #)


DSL: 150,304 (166,677)
Wii: 84,567 (104,543)
PS3: 69,575 (76,306)
PSP: 44,701 (46,218)
360: 44,040 (46,409)
PS2: 43,302 (45,721)

UK Total:

DSL: 35,278 (40,547)
Wii: 24,768 (29,783)
PS3: 18,889 (20,897)
360: 17,260 (18,170)
PSP: 7,945 (7,595)
PS2: 7,053 (7,336)

France Total:

DSL: 25,201 (31,129)
Wii: 22,945 (27,126)
PS3: 11,999 (13,167)
PSP: 5,957 (6,375)
PS2: 4,270 (4,319)
360: 2,609 (2,776)

Spain Total:

PS3: 15,554 (16,491)
DSL: 12,108 (13,854)
Wii: 8,106 (9,386)
PSP: 7,909 (8,226)
PS2: 6,710 (7,235)
360: 1,522 (1,516)

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kalistyles3942d ago

PS3 doing well again. Look at Spain. You go Spainiards. PS3 leading all platforms. The onslought continues. PS3 FTMFW!

Hydrollex3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

They know what does PS3 mean.
They know what does SOny mean.


nicholascage243942d ago

when GT5 prologue hits europe .

GTR and FF are now the biggest franchises in europe.

There are already over 1m preorders for prologue in europe

sonarus3942d ago

lol @nicholas cage though. Where are you getting your info from. These 1million pre orders lol i never heard of that. However GT is a very powerful franchise and the PS3 is just taking off in europe surpassing 360 sales and inching even closer to wii sales so i wouldnt be suprised if sales of GT surpassed 1million in UK. Plus it has online, online itself provides almost limitless replay value. 360 on the other hand seems to be inching towards ps2 sales.(No shortages of 360's in europe before i start hearing excuses). funny how things can change in a yr.

barom3942d ago

wow didn't know PS3 has been outselling 360 in UK as well. This doesn't look all too good for X360

sonarus3942d ago

strictly based off of 360 titles coming out this yr. The only thing that can spark 360 sales back to the lead in the UK would be a price drop

nicholascage243942d ago

do u honestly believe that after Blu ray's victory PS3 isnt outselling x360 2:1 in UK? did you read the article that mentioned that sales in Blu Ray players spiked 700% in UK after HD DVD's demise.

Vgchartz i believe are undermining PS3 sales by a big amount in europe. Do you honetsly believe that PS3 is just outselling x360 1.6:1 in europe?

as for GT5 P it is already in the top charts (preorder and also sales list) of all eu retailers eg Look at the charts of GAME,HMV,AMAZON UK,DE.FRANCE for instance

GT5 P will probably sell 1 m in UK alone during the launch week

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Hydrollex3942d ago

think about what they gonna buy. They think about the future. They say ok if I buy an Xbox 360, it might die and I have to send it back to Microsoft.

If I buy a PS3, well PS3 is techicaly powerful than Xbox 360 and the games are getting better and better. Plus it aint die. So lets go with the PS3.

and They save their money for the PS3.

all PS3 fans need to wait till April 29 and after when GTA, MGS, Haze, Killzone, GT come out !

<3 PS3 FANS!!!!

EZCheez3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

It's almost the exact same thing as last week, and the week before.

Not that I have anything wrong with these posts. At least they spark conversation. I just don't think much will change until the next big game arrives or possibly Home is released (I said possibly).

Whoooop3942d ago

damn PS2 won't die...

SONY brand is doing great right now... Imaging later this year and the next...

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