Lickable Boobs: PlayStation JapanStyle January 2013

Japan's game releases, New Year's musing, sales data, and a game about "lickable boobs" make up this month's edition of PlayStation JapanStyle.

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Snookies121920d ago

Hahahaha, I HAVE to import this game now... That is just hilarious...

knifefight1920d ago

WTF @ the gifs. This...this has to be crossing some sort of lines. I doubt Shinovi Versus will ever make it outside Japan because the reaction would be pretty hostile -- especially in the US where games are once again under the microscopes of those who know nothing about them.

dbjj120881920d ago

First commenter on the site: "Breast game ever."

I really wanna play Animal Crossing New Leaf. Can't believe it's still dominating the charts.

doctorstrange1920d ago

Great, now my Vita's all sticky

DivineAssault 1920d ago

hilarious.. Wouldnt buy it tho

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