Five 2013 Games Ruined by Multiplayer

David Jagneaux of writes:
First of all: we know these games are not out yet and we have not played them. We cannot say with certainty that the multiplayer aspects will “ruin” them, but our informed opinions and personal insight into the industry seem to paint a rather grim image. Hopefully we are wrong, but if not: we told you so.

Multiplayer sure is a hot-button issue these days. Sure, you could argue that a lot of developers have separate teams working on each mode, or that “more content is good content” – but at what cost? While it may on its face seem like developers are deciding to give gamers more bang for their buck, you have to wonder what are the sacrifices they made in that process? The list you find below isn’t designed to say any of these games will be bad games, necessarily, but it is designed to say that these games are looking to be negatively affected because of the decision to include multiplayer.

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rbailey2041d ago

Interesting opinions. I'm curious to know what everyone else thinks

Abash2041d ago

The God of War: Ascension beta proved that the online was well done and is a great addition to the series. The game wasn't ruined at all by it

pixelsword2041d ago

The key was they didn't get too "god of warsey" in the multiplayer.

iChii2040d ago

Exactly. I was one of the people that said God of War with Multiplayer? Come on, really?- Level 19 on a single day of the beta.. It's that good. Now the real disappointment is in Dead Space 3.. I swear I'll never forget EA if they ruin my favorite horror franchise just to add a f*cking co-op.

Ezz20132041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

most sites and most ps3 owners loved GOWA MP
it very well done and amazing
the dude who made that article have no idea what he's talking about
and his time machine is broken

Skips2041d ago

Pretty much, the beta has like a 4.9 out of 5 rating on PSN. lol

Pretty much every preview I've seen has been very positive.

Lord_Sloth2040d ago

I think it's ignorant to say these games (none of which are out at all) were ruined by Multi-player.

jrbeerman112040d ago

Thank you, i thought that was a little presumptuous.

Majin-vegeta2041d ago

GOW:Ascension muli is actually fun and it does not feel tacked on like 99.9% of the other games.

MysticStrummer2041d ago

Breaking news from the future...

ChocolateGiddyUp2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

"It's time we look into the future...all the way to the year 2000..."

Apparently Tomb Raider's single and multi-player are being worked on by two completely different studios, so there shouldn't be any potential for game-ruinage there.

Y_51502041d ago

But really you've seen the multiplayer? It doesn't look too well to me. I'm guessing two seperate teams are working one it but the MP team had way less time crafting out the multiplayer.

Kurt Russell2040d ago

It looks a bit ropey, but it had some fun looking elements. As long as the single player isn't effected then I have no problem with it.

jrbeerman112040d ago

Max Payne 3 had multiplayer that I never touched and I thought the game was brilliant

Heisenburger2041d ago

Great Scott!

Any day with a Back to the Future reference is a good day for me.

InTheLab2041d ago

" we know these games are not out yet and we have not played them."

Yeah...I don't know what to make of this. I know it's possible to look at a game and tell whether it's your type of game or not but a step too many over the line. I can't even read the rest of it...

Riderz13372041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Change title to " Five 2013 games ruined by multiplayer which we HAVEN'T EVEN PLAYED YET"

Jesus Christ you people never cease to amaze me.

BanBrother2041d ago


The article is kind of pointless, granted, but they are going by what they have seen. It is more of a filler article, as nothing is happening lately....... *crickets

I know in the article they mentioned their reasons, but I still had to laugh when I first saw the mention of The Elder Scrolls Online. Like saying Planetside 2 was ruined by MP lol.

The list is more speculation to start a discussion, that is at least what I interpreted it (try saying those 2 words together 5 times lol) as, and should be treated as such. I myself am probably only going to get GOW:A from that list, and I'm happy as long as the single-player can fill my hack 'n slash needs.

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