Dead or Alive 5 Plus screenshots

Tecmo Koei released new screenshots from Dead or Alive 5 Plus.

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Genuine-User1796d ago

Looks terrific!
The second picture is proof enough to believe these are Vita shots.
Just look at the top right corner and you will see what I'm saying.

blackbirdi1796d ago

who say that it's not from ps3 or dev kit just look on the other corner and you will see a controller your agrument doesn't make sense

Genuine-User1796d ago

If you didn't know already, this game is cross play compatible. Plus the screenshots posted match the Vita resolution.
It's possible that Kasumi is controlled on the PS3 and Ayane on the Vita.

GribbleGrunger1796d ago

This runs at 60fps and looks like that? 2nd generation games on the Vita are going to be incredible.

blackbirdi1796d ago

tecmo should stop posting bullshots

H4all1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

nice screenshot, great DEV TEAM!!

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