The most anticipated games of 2013 for PSVita - LaPS3

The first year was not easy to the little sister of PlayStation 3.

PSVita has now 4 million consoles in the market according to the latest figures provided by VGChartz. But their game catalog and his price makes that buyers have to forget it.

What can we expect in 2013? Killzone: Mercenary, Sly Cooper: Ladrones en el Tiempo, Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice y Persona 4 The Golden.

Too little

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Snookies121734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

"The first year was not easy to the little sister of PlayStation 3."

My PSVita is a girl!? D:

Dang... I've been calling it Greg all this time...

GribbleGrunger1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

You know, I have lots of admiration for people who are openly homosexual. I've always known that my Vita was a male, but to save face in conversation I called it 'Susan'. I'm ashamed of my dishonesty now :(

Snookies121734d ago

Hahaha, who said I was homosexual!? XD

My Vita is just manly is all, I have wallpapers of flowers, kittens, and rainbows.

GribbleGrunger1734d ago

Oh come on, don't U-turn now, you know there's only one way of using the rear touch when one hand is on the D-pad and the other is on the analogue stick!

Kingthrash3601733d ago

My vitas a chick for much as I'm constantly touching its front and better be ***stares at vita's throat***(sigh of relief) yeah it's a chick, no Adam's apple.

Hicken1733d ago

All my electronics and cars are female. It's interesting how that works.

Seraphemz1734d ago

For me, its Final Fantasy X, and Soul Sacrifice... and hoping for a Monster Hunter game...

ThanatosDMC1733d ago

Dont forget Phantasy Star Online 2 (JPN). There's an english guide up all ready for any translation needs.

PirateThom1734d ago

Tearaway is this year, yeah? I want that.

DivineAssault 1734d ago

Theres at least 8-9 games i want this year.. Im sure new announcements will be made very soon with even more

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