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Destructoid: "You think you know everything about Final Fantasy? I did too, but there's a whole bunch of weird new stuff going on with the next title in the series, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, due out late this year. I've just returned from a first look at Square Enix's work in progress armed with a list of new features and surprising changes to the classic formula for this final chapter of Final Fantasy XIII."

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1886d ago
SugarSoSweet1886d ago

I HATE the FF13 series and I HATE Lightning

-Gespenst-1886d ago

I hope Noel has a fairly big role and you don't just kill him or something. He's a really strong character, really likeable.

It'd be pretty sad if he's like the enemy or something.

GoingToMonkeyIsland1886d ago

Ridiculously excited for this game!

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