Wii Update Now Available

Is your Wii flashing blue again? Wondering what the deal is? Well, a new Wii Menu update is available, bringing the system to v3.2.

What's in this update? Your guess is as good as Loot Ninja's. Requests to Nintendo were not immediately answered at press time.

[UPDATE] Loot Ninja heard from Nintendo. Here's what's you can expect from the update:

"This update does not affect any prominently-used features or menus; however it does provide some behind the scenes updates that will improve system performance."

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JVIDICAN3946d ago

my guess- the wii's hacking future has just been destroyed for the moment

drunkpandas3946d ago

You could be right. Nintendo is hardcore against piracy, and this update may have patched the hole that was exploited to run homebrew

ChickeyCantor3946d ago

just updated....the message says it will add a different update button if you need to update your wii for certain games.

wow143945d ago

They have been running GameCube mod-chips on the Wii since virtually day-one.

The Wii has been bent-over and wont be getting back up. This may be a move against the recent exploits, but there wont be any way to fix the Wii (from what I can tell).

wow143945d ago

Nintendo is not hardcore against piracy, as stated above, the Wii has been violated deeply and completely.

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Covenant3946d ago

Well, that would explain why my Wii lit up on its own at 8:00 tonight.

DonSqueak3945d ago

The disagree-behaviour on this site is just hilarious.

Really, I could not disagree more with your statement, it's CLEARLY wrong, innit…

Absurd, I'll disagree with you as well, for good measure.

jiinn3945d ago

You shouldnt leave your Wii in that constant connected mode.

As a result, the Wii burns more energy than the Xbox 360 or PS3.

It's like a lightbulb burning all the time... its called a "Vampire Load" on your nextwork, it causes pollution, unnecessary load on the infrastructure, and costs you money.

This is a great article on the matter:

likeaboss3023946d ago

Great maybe my WiFi will work better since it sucks on the Wii. However, it works just fine on my PS3, PSP, DS, iPhone, laptop, and 360.

aftrdark213945d ago

your wi-fi wireless channel is on either 1 or 11. The Wii doesn't like any other wireless channel.

drunkpandas3945d ago

That's good advice no matter what. Most wireless networks default to channel 6, which is subject to the most interference.

wow143945d ago

No device can prefer one channel over the next, it is a software choice, and doesnt make any difference. Just be certain the rest of your 802.11 gear is configured correctly, and the Wii will be happy on any channel.

Silellak3946d ago

Yay, maybe we'll finally got in-game XMB and custom soundtracks!

Er, wait a sec...

SlyGuy3946d ago

I wish there was a way to leave it on permanently.

Jdash243946d ago

yea that blue light is really cool, but its really bright, one time it came on at like 3 in the morning because of an update and light up my whole room waking me up. its still cool though

DonSqueak3945d ago

Just send yourself an email and never read it. And if you read it, send another one.

ChickeyCantor3945d ago

it creates heat....not sure if you want that.

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