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Nintendo Announces First Party Wii U Screen Protector

Nintendo of America announced they'll be selling a Wii U Accessory Pack that includes a screen protector. (Nintendo, Wii U)

Tuxmask55  +   992d ago
Are these even needed?
corrus  +   992d ago
No but Nintendo have to make money
Akuma-   992d ago | Trolling | show
PopRocks359  +   992d ago
Yes please. Let's whine about the smallest of things because heaven knows corrus and Akuma haven't complained about every damn thing else in the Wii U section of this website.
sloth3395  +   992d ago
some kids need them
robparko  +   992d ago
Definitely agree there. Some kids like to destroy things with dirty hands and fits of anger. Not all kids, of course, but some.
Nicaragua  +   992d ago
my kids have scratched there wiiU screen already so yeah theres definitely a place for these things.
Ramon3MR  +   992d ago
Needed? Depends if you have kids or if you just like having a clean screen at all times...like on a cellphone. Personally, I'd probably get one.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   992d ago
i think most people needs them really. Accidents happens to everyone if you want it or not. and when it does you will be sorry you didn't have a screen protector.

but now what they need to release is a matte screen protector so its ultra smooth to the touch.
DivineAssault  +   992d ago
wow.. $13 for some plastic & a small cloth.. smh.. I dont think it needs a screen protector but its safer for the kiddos that have one
Zjet  +   992d ago
I don't know about the rest of Europe but in New Zealand these came out on LAUNCH ( yes the official ones ) i got one for mine and this has to be the easiest screen protector to put on i have ever used ( i worked in an electronics shop constantly doing smartphones/tablets etc ) each end of the screen protector has a wing its a simple push down and peel off without needed to ruin the corners. the stylus is simple but a nice size compared to the "inbuilt" one that comes with the Wii U.
deadfrag  +   992d ago
yes in EUROPE TOO!
DarkBlood  +   992d ago
wish they would of done this at launch lol after a year or so ill replace the screen protector thats a little bit longer on the side

i still try to be carefull using it though especially with that ninja star throwing sliding thing in nintendoland
Jagsrock  +   986d ago
nothing wrong with protecting your $350 investment, shit happens. Have you ever seen the condition of DS's or other touch screen products at department stores? They can get pretty messed up if not treated properly.

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