Nintendo Announces First Party Wii U Screen Protector

Nintendo of America announced they'll be selling a Wii U Accessory Pack that includes a screen protector.

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corrus1888d ago

No but Nintendo have to make money

Akuma-1888d ago Show
PopRocks3591888d ago

Yes please. Let's whine about the smallest of things because heaven knows corrus and Akuma haven't complained about every damn thing else in the Wii U section of this website.

robparko1888d ago

Definitely agree there. Some kids like to destroy things with dirty hands and fits of anger. Not all kids, of course, but some.

Nicaragua1888d ago

my kids have scratched there wiiU screen already so yeah theres definitely a place for these things.

Ramon3MR1888d ago

Needed? Depends if you have kids or if you just like having a clean screen at all on a cellphone. Personally, I'd probably get one.

Are_The_MaDNess1888d ago

i think most people needs them really. Accidents happens to everyone if you want it or not. and when it does you will be sorry you didn't have a screen protector.

but now what they need to release is a matte screen protector so its ultra smooth to the touch.

DivineAssault 1888d ago

wow.. $13 for some plastic & a small cloth.. smh.. I dont think it needs a screen protector but its safer for the kiddos that have one

Zjet1888d ago

I don't know about the rest of Europe but in New Zealand these came out on LAUNCH ( yes the official ones ) i got one for mine and this has to be the easiest screen protector to put on i have ever used ( i worked in an electronics shop constantly doing smartphones/tablets etc ) each end of the screen protector has a wing its a simple push down and peel off without needed to ruin the corners. the stylus is simple but a nice size compared to the "inbuilt" one that comes with the Wii U.

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