New Tomb Raider Multiplayer Screenshots

Look at the new action in Tomb Raiders Multiplayer with some nice looking screenshots.

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Walker1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Wow, Even the lobby looks alot like Uncharted 3`s lobby !

Shanks1980d ago

this is getting out of hand, naughty dog should do something about this.

Ultr1980d ago

:D copy from the best. Good with me :)

DeletedAcc1980d ago

What a less innovative developer studio!!!
They copied all from naughty dogs masterpiece uncharted!
But with bad graphics!

Naughty dog, do something, that goes too far! Seriously

strigoi8141980d ago

Naughty Dog did a good job on this Tomb Raider...oh oops my bad

SAE1980d ago

You guys didnt expect this game to be like uncharted ?. i always felt it will be doing the same thing . star wars 1313 doing the same thing too ..

im exciting for this game . day one for me . it looks and plays good enough for me to buy it ..