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Editorial: No, the Wii U Did Not Have a Bad Launch

GP writer Jordan Haygood discusses why the Wii U's launch actually isn't as bad as some think when comparing analytic data, especially when compared to the first few months sales of last generation consoles. (Culture, Industry, Wii U)

1upgamer99  +   557d ago
Wii U is doing great, Now some people who did not want one are now picking them up too, and seeing what it is all about and they are loving it. :) I have a couple of friends who played mine (BOPS2) and then I showed them what it can do on the net. They really like it.
Zodiac  +   556d ago
It wasn't a fantastic launch like the Wii was, but it wasn't bad either.

Nintendo should have really not made the basic bundle. That is probably a big factor in the sales. The premium is sold out, so why settle for the basic instead of waiting a bit?

Either they should not have made the basic or they should not have made the premium such a better deal for only 50 bucks more.
PopRocks359  +   556d ago
I wouldn't exactly call the Wii launch "fantastic." The thing was very scarce and the only game on it that was really worth playing was Twilight Princess IMO.

I agree. There isn't much point to the basic bundle when the deluxe comes with quite a lot of goodies (and a free game) for $50 extra.
animegamingnerd  +   556d ago
yeah they should of included like nintendo land in the basic bundle and honestly the premium bundle is under price in my opinion
ElectricKaibutsu  +   556d ago
It's weird, in Japan the Premium set doesn't come with Nintendo Land like everywhere else. I wonder which set is selling better there.
MegaLagann  +   556d ago
It's hard to beat the launch of the Wii, at least in terms of hardware sold. But yes the Wii U's launch wasn't terrible like the 3DS, Vita or PS3.

And yeah I've said it before but Nintendo really needs to discontinue the basic set. Every time I see stacks of Wii U's at Target or Best Buy it's always the basic bundle. For 50 dollars more the deluxe is the better deal.
Kingofwiiu  +   556d ago
@this article - Applause. Someone who was indeed clever enough to say the wiiu has had a GOOD launch compared to last gen consoles , the launch was much better than the average 7th gen console launch.

Basically people keep writing ''why the wiiu had a bad launch'' articles to get hits off of defensive Nintendo fans and Hatefull Sony/MS fans.

It's funny because people keep saying the 360 was selling faster than wiiu.

A - the 360 is competing with the wii which has hit 100M
B- The 360 is about half the price of the wiiu
C- The ps2 outsold the 360 for about a year after it launched.

D- The wiiu sold more than the ps3 and 360 did at their respective launches.
animegamingnerd  +   556d ago
i honestly i don't understand why people say the wii u failed at launch sure there were problems like the day 1 update and the slow load times but there will is always a problem with new hardware at launch that gets fix later down the line but it sold better then the PS3 and 360 at launch
wishingW3L  +   556d ago
both PS3 (at $600) and Xbox sold better and much more faster at launch. The system is even failing on Japan with the PS3 outselling it every single week and on America is losing to the Xbox. And remember that the Wii U is a new console which only make things worse.
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animegamingnerd  +   556d ago
but keep in mind the economy was much better 7 years ago
PopRocks359  +   556d ago

What? No, your numbers are off. The NPD already reported that the Wii U launch numbers were better than the 360 and PS3 and somewhat beneath the Wii.

"And remember that the Wii U is a new console which only make things worse."

The PS2 was initially outselling the 360 and PS3. Was it worse for those platforms?
SonyNGP  +   556d ago
"The system is even failing on Japan with the PS3 outselling it every single week"


Check your facts straight. The PS3 only just outsold the Wii U in Week 2 (Jan 7th - Jan 13th)
BanBrother  +   556d ago
For people who already owned a PS3 or 360, it was very average. On pen and paper it had one of the best launches for a console ever. Just waiting patiently for Killer Metroid game and Zelda. Monster Hunter as well.
ozzywazzy  +   556d ago
It's a disaster through and through. I'm just waiting for Nintendo to pull the plug on this abomination. The sooner they call it a day the sooner they can get to work on a real system.
1upgamer99  +   556d ago
LOL...and clearly you have spent some good one on one time in your own home or a friends house with this "abomination" A demo station does NOT in anyway count. It does not even touch the tip of the iceberg...Pull the plug, and can we say RING OF DEATH.
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LOL_WUT  +   556d ago
I think the system did not live up to all the hype it was surrounded by months prior to its release. You had all the loyalist claiming something that at the end of the day never came true.

The Wii Us launch was not a disaster but, it certainly wasn't a success either. ;)
WiigotU  +   556d ago
There was no hype hell I barely saw a commercial.
deafdani  +   556d ago
Dude, Wii U's sales numbers, so far, have surpassed those of PS3's and 360's in the same respective timeframe. How's that "a disaster through and through"?

Unless you're just trolling, which sounds most likely.
KaptainJ  +   556d ago
He's a troll through and through.
wiiulee  +   556d ago
i agree with you completely kingofwiiu because ps2 was outselling xbox 360 and i pointed out that ps3 and xbox360 were selling for bargain prices in november and december to outdo the wiiu....so at the price wiiu came out in this economy...the wiiu's launch is nothing short of fantastic...considering economy , the hate, bad advertisement by nintendo...and yes they dont like to point out that ps3 and xbox 360 re competing with the wii which won this generation by 20 million more hardwares and countless more games numbers being sold...nintendo need to fix a couple things with wiiu and get some good commercials and bring the games out
Yodagamer  +   556d ago
I really don't see how the wii u was a failure. It launched with a good launch selection from a digital and retail front. it had game like assassians creed 3, the best version of ng3, nsmbu, scriblenauts, sonic and sega racing, nintendoland, neo assault, Trine 2 (the best looking console version), Mighty switch force, call of duty, and zombiu (which admittly should have been delayed slightly). It wasn't a perfect launch but it had a great selection of games
Skynetone  +   556d ago
As console launches go, its a solid start

but as the first of the new gen after 7 years its a bit disappointing

if it had a mario/zelda/starfox at launch ive no doubt it would have sold out

nintendo will do just fine with the wiiu

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