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PlayStation 3 Super Slim in red and blue unveiled

Europe getting two new official colours in red and blue of the PlayStation 3 Super Slim. (PS3)

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Godchild1020  +   554d ago
The red one will be bundled with God of War: Ascension in Europe at some point. The blue one is still up in the air, but Sly would go great with that. Sony is slowly bringing new colors overseas, even if it's not in NA yet.
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sikbeta  +   554d ago
And when NA will get some colors!? FFS we don't even get colored editions or bundles, always the same Black Console, SCEA really forgot about the PS2 days!? damn, they suck!

Want a Silver PS3 some day if possible >:(
Kurisu  +   554d ago
Like this?


I wish they had released that controller, even if it was just sold separately.
portal_2  +   554d ago
2 controllers in each, so maybe GoW for the red one and PSASBR for the blue one?
Godchild1020  +   554d ago
Maybe PSASBR and Sly Cooper together at some point for family and younger gamers.

Or maybe for Adults and this one might be exclusive to Europeans, Beyond: Two Souls.
IRetrouk  +   554d ago
Iv got the red slim so think im gonna go blue for the bedroom, unless they announce the white one for europe
Fel08  +   554d ago
Those look sexy.
nukeitall  +   554d ago
To each their own, but those look butt ugly and cheap as hell. The Playstation has progressively gone with cheaper and cheaper look.
Blackdeath_663  +   554d ago
maybe that's because the price has also gotten cheaper and cheaper? i don't know why you are surprised, did you expect it to be covered in gold and diamonds? ofcourse it looks cheaper that's because it IS cheaper that doesn't mean it looks ugly.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   554d ago
Nukeital is right.

THey look cheaply made. Simply because they are. Those are the barebone PS3 models. No bells and whistles....well except now. I guess Sony thinks Red and Blue are bells and whistles now.

They are cheap hence why they look cheap. I wouldn't tought that model if they were giving them away for free. Terrible console model but Sony is in a serious financial downpour and they needed to find away to minimize production costs. Considering Sony's current financial position, it only makes sense what they did.
GribbleGrunger  +   554d ago
@Lvl_up_gamer: It's got nothing to do with financial problems. This is what Sony have done every generation and will always do. I prefer the slim myself but if Sony are going to continue for ten years + then they have to make the PS3 an 'impulse buy' console, just like the PS1 and the PS2.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   554d ago
@ GribbleGrunger

Name me which PS1 or PS2 unit that actually had features removed with each new slim version released?

You can't because Sony never had to remove features before.

It's no secret Sony's current financial issues. Their credit rating has been reduced to "junk" status.

Of course Sony remeoved all the features from the origninal PHAT unit to guve us a barebones model in order to reduce manufacturing coasts. The new ultra slims were even launched at a more expensive price then the slim model and the ultra slim had less features.

Where have you been over the last 6 months?
Godchild1020  +   554d ago
@Lvl_up_gamer, "The PS2 Fat has an attachable hard drive, but only a few games require it (FFXI, and maybe one or two others) which means that games that require a hard drive cannot be played on the Slim."

So, they did remove something. Since not many games used it, there wasn't much of a concern or uproar about it.

They also added a feature, "the PS2 Fat needs a special internet adapter purchased separately before you can play games online. The PS2 Slim system has it already integrated."

Then there was this issue with the slims; "when they made the switch (around 2004) the multitaps for the original PS2 did not work for the PS2 SLIM since the parts were shaped a LITTLE differently. I believe the connection was a bit too small or a bit too long. However, they have fixed that problem since then. You have to make sure your multi-tap is PS2 SLIM compatible."

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cee773  +   554d ago

"Name me which PS1 or PS2 unit that actually had features removed with each new slim version released?"

ps1 removed audio and video jacks, and the port for the gameshark and genie

ps2 removed that small usb like port no one ever used, HDD slot, and added a top loader DVD drive instead of the disk tray

that tells me you are either too young or simply just a troll to start an argument that you lost before you completed your first sentence was over what so ever.
nukeitall  +   554d ago

"This is what Sony have done every generation and will always do. I prefer the slim myself but if Sony are going to continue for ten years + then they have to make the PS3 an 'impulse buy' console, just like the PS1 and the PS2."

Something cheap, doesn't need to "look cheap". Like anything, the look of a console is also an advertisement.

Wile having the original phat Xbox 360, I used to be envious of the PS3 phat, because it was beautiful. Eventually got a Metal Gear Solid Gun Metal Limited Edition PS3 and I love it. Then Xbox 360 slim came out and it is every bit as sexy, especially my Gears of War one.

MS upgraded their console, while Sony and Nintendo downgraded. I hope next generation isn't another downgraded console releases.
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WackyVee  +   551d ago
It looks slick too me. I have a fat and a slim one and would trade for a super slim in a heartbeat.
Blackdeath_663  +   554d ago
would have made a great present last Christmas. very reminiscent of the ps2 when they released the blue/red see through controllers and memory cards. still have those..
GribbleGrunger  +   554d ago
With TWO controllers. This is the PS2 all over again.
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PS4isKing_82  +   554d ago
Oh god Sony please bring these stateside!!!!!

Btw everyone, best buy just posted the 500gb white super slim ps3 for pre order.
It comes with a year of ps plus as well.
It'll be availible jan 27th it says and for only $299 if anyone's interested.
delboy  +   554d ago
To bad, I want pikchu yellow lol
Anyway super slim is pure crap compared with my 60GB full BC glossy black model.
Calm Down Sunshine  +   554d ago
Reminds me of the new Daleks....
DarkBlood  +   554d ago
it be nice to get a freaking red ps3 over here lol

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