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Is Ni No Kuni the best PS3 Exclusive?

Playeressence's Furious Francis describes how Ni No Kuni lets him relive the glory days of the JRPG. And how Ni No Kuni's breath taking art and gameplay far outshine other PS3 exclusives.

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Godchild10201707d ago

In it's Genre, I think it is. As a whole, it's on of the best PS3 exclusives this Generation.

Theyellowflash301707d ago

Yeah its seriously good, I'm about 20 hours in and I love it to death. I love it so much I had to write an article about it at 2:00 AM!

MartinB1051707d ago

"... best PS3 exclusives this Generation"

As opposed to PS3 exclusives from last generation? ;)

Godchild10201707d ago

For the span of the PS3's life cycle this Generation, it has been one of the best.

Ezz20131707d ago

i agree it's the best in that genre and one of the best ps3 exclusives

StraightPath1707d ago

xenoblade chronicles 92 metacritic dnt forget this jrpg masterpiece.

Nino kuni so far 84% doubt gnna pull off a xenoblade chronicles which was extremely good. And showed how JRPG is done and brought back.

I played nino kuni on ds but ill pick this up again as continues bit more.

Ezz20131707d ago

the game only have 8 reviews
and xenoblade chronicles have 59 review

come back after it get the same amount of reviews

Godchild10201707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

We are talking exclusive JRPGs for the PS3 and exclusives in general for the PS3, not all JRPGs released in general. So, there was no reason to bring Xenoblade into this.

Theyellowflash301707d ago

Xenoblade and Ni No Kuni are too rare breads of JRPG. They are both fantastic and anybody who likes one should like the other. Its not like awesome console JRPGs come around a lot.

Canary1707d ago

In its genre... maybe. But it has pretty stiff competition between Nier, Tales Of, Valkyria Chronicles and Disgaea, to name a few.

I don't think anyone would argue it's THE BEST exclusive PS3 game, because there's really no such thing--the PS3, indeed, all Sony platforms suffer from having too many fantastic exclusives.

It's not like Nintendo, where you can point to Mario or Zelda and say, "THAT is THE game."

It's not like Microsoft, where you can point to Gears of War or Halo and say, "THAT is THE game."

The typical diverse library of Sony consoles has always been their greatest asset... as well as, paradoxically, their greatest weakness.

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no_more_heroes1707d ago

Technically it's only exclusive here in the west, because it was released on the DS in Japan in 2011.

Since I now have a ps3 though, I'm definitely getting this game. It's about that time for my RPG itch t be scratched again and Ni No Kuni looks to have some very sharp nails...

Darth Stewie1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Aren't they two different games.

Godchild10201707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

The game is really only the same up to a point and by name. Here is a vague comment made by one of the producers:

"Ni no Kuni: Queen of the Holy White Ash’s story will start out the same as the Nintendo DS version’s, but will be told differently after the halfway point. Hino says Queen of the Holy White Ash’s story will continue after the DS version’s, and that the game will also have post-release downloadable content."

knifefight1707d ago

They're two different games. Same name, same characters and same geeeneral plot line, but there's much more to the PS3 game. More content, more detail, longer, and compleeeetely different battle system, among other things.

StrongMan1707d ago

It is in the prestigious class of great PS3 exclusives.

j-blaze1707d ago ShowReplies(4)
first1NFANTRY1707d ago

It's all opinion i guess. Some would say it's the best ps3 exclusive thus far but this gen is far from over.

That's the beauty of having a ps3, there are many great exclusives that have come and gone and many more in store for us in the near future i'm sure.

For me i'm waiting patiently for The Last of Us and The Last Guardian. No matter what you prefer the future looks bright for ps3 gamers.

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