IGN: Treasure Talks Bangai-O for DS

The Bangai-O series hit cult status pretty much with its US debut on the SEGA Dreamcast more than a half decade ago. Treasure's been known for its crazy and over-the-top action designs, and no Treasure game epitomized this trademark more than Bangai-O did. The game's Nintendo 64 game -- Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh – was a Japan-only release, which made it a much more coveted game in the US due to its elite import-exclusive status.

Treasure's third game in the series – Bangai-O Spirits -- is about ready to hit the Nintendo DS, both in Japan and the US, with D3Publisher handling the publishing duties. In anticipation of the game's 2008 release IGN were given the opportunity to throw a few questions at Masatao Maegawa, Treasure's founder and president. Here, he reveals the game's origins, its unique DS-specific designs, and the crazy way you'll be able to transfer levels from system to system.

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