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Dante’s had a makeover and it’s for the better. Ninja Theory haven’t really set the world on fire with their past work but everyone learns, right. You did, I did, plenty of people did. It’s about getting chances to correct the wrong and apply whatever you have learned to churn out a better result.

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shahrukh3391832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

The new DMC has better graphics, better story telling and great characterization, Younger Ameture Dante

The old DMC had better, faster gampleplay and over the top action and story line, Mature funny Dante...

Both Dante are likeable in my opinion.. Still old dante had more style but ppl should know that old dante had more WISDOM :P...

Furthermore, this new dante cares about his relationship with vergil but the old dante was too cool to care about is brother and the dark path vergil has chosen. Still old dante is way more stylish but cammon both DMC had some unfinished areas. Stop hating Ninja theory..
Accept it or not, Ninja theory pulled of a great DMC game and i appreciate there effort.. bdw, loved the new vergil :)... both DMCs and Dante rock..

DevilVergilX1832d ago

The new vergil sucks... And the Last fight was piss easy..

Blacktric1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )


"The new DMC has better story telling and great characterization"


WolfLeBlack1832d ago

He has a point. As much as I love DMC the writing and storylines have always been B-grade movie. Nothing wrong with that as it's a lot of fun, but the new DmC is considerably better in these areas.

The storyline simplistic, but quite well told apart from some rought dialogue here and there. The new Dante has a considerably deeper personality, and I found myself liking him quite a lot.

Vergil and Kat needed more screetime, though, as they felt underdeveloped.

shahrukh3391832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )


Yup it has a better story telling and characterization.. I am someone who have played and finished the game :)... you should play it too before disagreeing with my opinion..

And people should no by now that disagreeing on opinion favoring this game here at n4g makes no impact on me and other supporters because a great game like DMC is rated by people like you disagreeing and rated it 3.5 :)... Love gaming people...

Last but not least im not a fanboy of any game or any dante.. I play games for fun and expereince, not because hair colors and protagonist looks.. True gamers play for the experience and DMC was hack fun. The best DMC after DMC 3 to me :) EAT IT!

Blacktric1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )


Well, if you don't take 1-3-4's characters and story for their face value, the story and the character development (however small the arcs may be) are great. Again, this is if you consider story to be there for the sake of providing an excuse for the gameplay. However for DmC, I couldn't get past certain things, especially when the story was trying hard to take itself seriously about 70-80 minutes into the game (and after how the intro set the tone of course). And yes, this is just my opinion. It's good that you enjoyed the story and character development of course. Oh and I completely agree about Vergil And Kat. Especially Kat needed a lot more screentime.


"I am someone who have played and finished the game :)... you should play it too before disagreeing with my opinion.. "

I love how you are just another typical basher who just automatically assumes that someone with a negative opinion have never played the game, for the sake of proving that negative opinion moot. A couple of days ago, I have practically watched majority of the game on YouTube thanks to an early walkthrough. Then I played the game, from start to finish, after borrowing the PS3 version from my friend. I'm not talking about something that I haven't experienced here.

"I play games for fun and expereince, not because hair colors and protagonist looks.. True gamers play for the experience and DMC was hack fun. The best DMC after DMC 3 to me :) EAT IT!"

Again with the "you hate it because the hair color is different" "argument" topped with, "I'm better than you because I support this game because I see something in it that you blind haters can't" attitude. It's good that you enjoyed it. But you have no right to try to rub it in others' face and think that enjoying and defending it gives you some sort of superiority. It's immature at best. Especially when you have barely provided anything to support your claim regarding the game having a "better" story. I personally found it inconsistent with the set tone. Especially because of the sudden shift after you played it a little (like I stated above). Sure, Devil May Cry 1-3-4 had an over the top story with really cliche characters but at least they served their purpose well. In DmC there was barely any arc for Dante let alone side characters, which is, to me, why the story and character development wasn't better than older games. And I'm not even counting the horrible dialogue that regularly popped up at certain parts, which wasn't intentional (obviously), unlike the ones in 1-3-4.

reznik_zerosum1832d ago

ok,without any hate towards ninja theory this is (at least for me) real problems : short game,slowed-down combat and simplified compared to earlier sequels,not enough different enemies which wasnt the case in dmc series,repetitive and boring bosses,to many jumping,puzzles are practically removed from a game,try-hard story and totally missing the point what means dante and whole dmc thing.

playable and better than dmc2 and dm4 in some ways,but dmc 1&3 is the way that dmc should be.

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