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Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry reboot has had a lot going against it ever since it was announced back in 2010. I’ll never forget the tirade of angry comments that hit the web when fans first found out that Dante was getting a new look, complete with jet black hair. Skeptics also came out of the woodwork when it was revealed that Ninja Theory, a studio based outside of Japan and Capcom’s stable of talent, would be developing the game.

Fortunately for fans of the franchise—and any gamer who enjoys a tight action game—all of that worrying was done in vain, as DmC: Devil May Cry easily holds its own with some of the best in the genre. Fears of a whiny emo protagonist can be put to rest, and any hesitation regarding Ninja Theory’s involvement should be thrown out the window. This reboot is without a doubt the best thing to happen to the series in years.

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knifefight1736d ago

I see the pic and all I think is "Coool guys don't look at explosions~" XD

Good review.

alexcosborn1736d ago

Precisely. I don't look at explosions either so your theory must be correct :P

dbjj120881735d ago

Love this game. Tons of awesome action and style.

doctorstrange1735d ago

I like that ninja, in theory

T3mpr1x1735d ago

I didn't really like what I played at E3...Gonna need a demo first.