Apple changes age rating for NRA's practice range game

Apple this week changed the age rating for the National Rifle Association's target-shooting game NRA: Practice Range. The free iPad and iPhone app, originally rated as appropriate for children 4 years and up, is now rated for children 12 and up, according to iTunes.

ziggurcat1197d ago

how it even got approved for ages 4+ is beyond me... and even 12 is a bit too low.

Pushagree1197d ago

Well, you are just shooting a target. There is no blood or anything that normally merits a teen rating. Hell, duck hunt is E rated and you are shooting live ducks.

doctorstrange1197d ago

iPhones don't kill people. Foxconn does.

TooTall191197d ago

I think I started target shooting when I was 12. I remember taking the gun safety class with all my friends.