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The Importance of PlayStation Plus

Online gaming has been the most significant change for the game industry in the past decade. In the midst of this change has come the rise of various online services unique to each platform. While many have praised such things as Xbox Live for its established infrastructure, many have neglected to grasp the full picture that is gaming. Among all the different services provided by various companies, PlayStation Plus from Sony is the most misunderstood and rewarding of the bunch. While many out there would succumb to blind loyalty and dependency to justify avoiding becoming a Plus Member, those who take the dive into the service will discover a program that rewards the loyalty of gamers for simply doing what they do best, being gamers. (Next-Gen, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Tag Invalid)

rbailey  +   804d ago
A good piece with some valid arguments and explanations.
Temporary  +   803d ago
I tell my friends about PS+ and they always sign up. There's just so many free games, some i cant even DOWNLOAD because there's just so many.

I'll never quit this service, it actually makes me WANT a PS Vita, because I can play some Vita games for free, like Uncharted:golden abyss. I dont really ever have to buy so many games anymore cause of this service.
Nicaragua  +   803d ago
I actually just bought a vita because i couldnt stand having all those vita games going to waste on my PS+ account.
TheFreak  +   803d ago
I was wondering if anybody knows when ps+ updates? I have had ps+ before, but have forgotten. Is it at the end of every month?

I think I am going to subscribe again just because I haven't played Limbo, Infamous 2 and motorstorm yet.
TheFreak  +   803d ago
oops double post :(
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Sci0n  +   803d ago
The vita is a beast man I would definitely recommend it. Uncharted Golden Abyss shows off the graphics that thing is capable of and it is also innovative the way it adds in the new vita technology with the game. Best 250 dollar purchase I have made ever and my PS3 was the best 400 dollar purchase I ever made. It has 8 player cross game and party chat, its the ultimate multitasker too. You can play your games listen to music party chat and download all at the same time. It has a fast and fluent touch screen, a rear touchpad and a front and rear camera along with a built in microphone. I see this thing being around awhile and coexisting with the PS4.
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GribbleGrunger  +   803d ago
@The Freak: each new titles usually gets replaced every week, so if you want those games I'd sign up immediately. You won't be disappointed with any of them, they're great. Don't forget to add any games you can't download to your download list so that if at some point you find the room or buy a Vita, you will be able to download them at will.
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TheFreak  +   803d ago
Thanks for the advice. I have now bought a 1 year subscribtion to ps+. Can't wait to play Infamous 2 since I loved Infamous (got the platinum trophy).

I was rather shocked at how many good titles that where available through ps+.
htownplaya  +   804d ago
very important
Snookies12  +   804d ago
I love PlayStation Plus. It's a really fantastic service that I'll happily pay for. Sure not every week's game is something I will play, but I'm not going to complain about it because I know other people might enjoy it. They do a wonderful job of giving a great variety, and when you think about how much money you're saving on these games every year of service it's insane.

Also, the whole argument of, "they're rentals, you don't actually own them." that I've heard around, is null and void to me. Considering an entire year's subscription to play these games anytime is less than the price of a single month's internet bill...
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Riderz1337  +   804d ago
I really get frustrated when I see people complaining about PS Plus because they got a game they already have. It's so selfish because they never think of the millions of other people who have never heard of the game and don't have it. Some weeks they give games that I already have but I don't bitch and whine because I realize that Sony can't pick a game that will satisfy 100% of PS Plus subscribers every single week. It just boggles my mind how people can't understand such a simple concept. And then they threaten to unsubscribe from PS Plus. It's so childish.
Temporary  +   803d ago
The moment I signed up i fell in love with it. Never seen so many games say "Free" next to them in yellow letters. Feels good seeing that little yellow "Free".
Pillsbury1  +   804d ago
showtimefolks  +   804d ago
i signed up right after E3 and got my money's worth within the 1st month. i don't complain when there is a game that i don't want because there could be millions of other who would enjoy something different from me

ps:plus is a great service and going into next gen it could only get better as we go
Tetsujin  +   803d ago
The amount of $ I saved on + I can spend on a Vita Memory card, a new PS3 controller, and to put some away towards the PS4 when it's released. I will continue to support + because it's more than a service, it's an investment.
DivineAssault  +   804d ago
Best damn $50 investment ive ever made.. One would be a fool not to get it if their a core gamer.. I have so many free games that i wont even finish em before my year is up.. Great selection too! PLUS discounts! PLUS DLC! PLUS Betas! PLUS PLUS PLUS.. ya, i like it lol
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G20WLY  +   803d ago
That's a good video, showing some awesome games :)
Also Uncharted Golden Abyss is free for Vita, which most people (myself included) find amazing!

Can you edit the video though? At one point (2:54) you say, "50 bucks a month"! Of course, you mean 50 bucks a year ;)

You're so right though; the problem used to be how to afford to buy all these great games, whereas now, it's like, I have them, but how the hell will I find the time to play them all!

A welcome dilemma for those smart enough to understand the value :)
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MerkinMax  +   803d ago
The worst thing about PS PLUS is that I now have way too many games and can't decide which one's to play. It is a weird dilemma.
calis  +   803d ago
Yeah, it's killing my backlog.
GamerElite  +   803d ago
killing your backlog. Sounds a little dirty.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   803d ago
PlayStation + is a revolution. It's the best value in gaming. And just wait until next gen...
GribbleGrunger  +   803d ago
Next gen is going to be a slight problem for a while though. I'm loving PS+ and would advise anyone to sign up, but next gen there will be a shortage of PS4 games to offer in the first year or so. There's no way that Sony are going to be able to persuade third parties to support PS+ with content when that content has only just released, so my guess would be that the 'instant collection' will be smaller for quite some time. One of the reasons I think there will be BC in the PS4 is that they could then easily bolster that list with PS3 and PS2 HD games.

We'll see, but one thing is for sure, PS+ is the best service to ever grace a console.
FragGen  +   803d ago
It's not really significantly different than the Vita. They offer a smaller instant game collection and rotate titles less frequently but it is still awesome. You will likely be getting free content for the PS4, PS3, and Vita all at the same time if you own all three. This hardly seems like a significant problem/issue, especially given the cost of the service, for someone who can afford to be an early adopter of a system like the PS4, etc.
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o-Sunny-o  +   803d ago
PS Vita is very underappreciated and great handheld. I love it and PS+ made it even more better. I.wonder what PS4 plus would be like?
PSWarlord  +   803d ago
I have PS+ and the best thing is not just the free games, Its the great features you get too. The Cloud Saves are ace when I head over to mates and the automatic update of all game patches and firmware has to take No1 spot, So freaking handy!Im happy with the service and will continue until otherwise
Lvl_up_gamer  +   803d ago
Sorry but anyone who thinks PS+ is good is just an idiot IMO.

You are PAYING $50 a year so that you can PAY MORE throughout the year.

In order to benefit from that $50 initial start up member fee, you HAVE to purchase other content. That means by the end of the year, you could have paid 2x as much (possibly more) meaning your $50 initial cost is now $100+ at the end of the year.

Sure you get "free" games so long as you are a member, but if you find that the offerings don't justify your membership cost, you now just lost all those "free" games.

Sorry but paying to get discounts is idiotic. You are paying MORE in the end anyways.

Sure you can argue that XBL is $40-$60 but you are playing on a unified service where you still get "free" content from MS (sure most is XBLA content) but you get to KEEP IT if you cancel XBL. You can also find XBL gold memberships for really cheap prices as well as the Family bundle where you pay $100 for 3 gold memberships. That's $33 per person for a years worth of XBL which is STILL the undisputed unified online gaming network on any home console.

Sure it sucks to have to pay for XBL and PS+ but the lesser of 2 evils is XBL. You pay once and that's it. With PS+ you have to keep paying after you have paid the $50 in order to justify the initial $50 spend on the membership.
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PSWarlord  +   803d ago
How do we pay more!Yes we get discounts which you do pay towards but I guess there's alot of people out their who spend enough to cover that. Personally I pay £29.99 a year and just this year downloaded Just Cause 2 and Darksiders for free I think that's paid for my membership and the online is still free. But like I stated the cloud saves and automatic updates, which I would guess cost sonys for the servers needed to do so. Is a great services. NO PS+ is better value than XBL because the only service you get we have for free and No monthly discounts for you! So as you can see its better....Good Nite
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matrixman92  +   803d ago
couldnt have said it better myself....Microsoft has really been stepping their game up with weekly sales also, and they are actually newer games; for example sleeping dogs is on sale right now. It is really dumb that when people say you get "free" games from plus, they actually arent free and are just rentals in the first place. I also love how Microsoft is venturing into the free to play territory
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BitbyDeath  +   803d ago
You should keep XBL out of the equation as it is not comparable at all.

Also if you can't find at least 10 games in the 50 or more they give away each year then you must not be that into gaming and you've got to remember this is a service for gamers not casuals.
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   803d ago
What an ignorant comment saying keep XBL out of the equation as it is not comparable.

They are both paid services.

Lets say you get 10 games a year for free for 10 years then for whatever reason you stop paying yearly for your PS+ membership....so now what do you have to show for your $500 that you have spent for those 10 years of PS+ memberships?

You have NOTHING!

Pretty hefty price to pay to rent games.
BitbyDeath  +   803d ago
'What an ignorant comment saying keep XBL out of the equation as it is not comparable.'

The services have nothing in common except being available on consoles. There is no room for comparison.

'Lets say you get 10 games a year for free for 10 years then for whatever reason you stop paying yearly for your PS+ membership....so now what do you have to show for your $500 that you have spent for those 10 years of PS+ memberships? You have NOTHING!'

Memories of all the great games you've played/completed? How often do you go back and play games from ten years ago? Unless you're going back for a nostalgia trip you'd likely rarely ever go back and play old games again. And if that's the case then why not just either renew your membership or buy that particular game outright? It's only going to be a small handful of games anyway compared to the hundreds you would have played in that time.
MrBeatdown  +   803d ago

"You have NOTHING!"

This just blows my mind. I've seen people come up with some pretty ridiculous stuff on this site, but this really takes the cake.

After ten years of getting ten games a year you like, you get...


...Ten years to play dozens of games you like.

Gamers paying with their main intention being to PLAY the games instead of hording them for years. Imagine that.

But it's amusing that you try to pretend only ownership is worth the money, while simultaneously defending a service that you need to "rent" the online portions of games you already own. A whole lot of good ownership of the content does there, eh?
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matrixman92  +   802d ago
lol...if u enjoy 3 year old games like darksiders, then u must not be that into gaming...if u were, u would have played it 3 years ago..ps+ is for casuals who dont play that many games
MaxXAttaxX  +   803d ago
WTF are you talking about!? @Lvl_up_gamer
First of all, you're terrible at math and being properly informed.
There's over a $1000 worth of (free and discounted) content offered every year on PS Plus including Cloud storage and full game trials.
The $50 fee paid itself the moment I subscribed.

How can the "lesser of 2 evils" be XBL? You can't even play online(the other half of the game you paid for) at all without a Gold membership.
Plus is optional. And they're not even comparable since they offer two different services as I clearly just pointed out.

I have so many games on my hard-drive and downloads list. More games than I have time play.
Two years ago I bought the Red Dead Redemption bundle for only $25 which included all 3 DLC packs such as Undead Nightmare.
There are plenty of big titles like that and other content offered at a discount or free all the time. They definitely justify the fee and I would be spending A LOT more money for all those games without Plus.
Feel free to say otherwise, but that's just your uninformed biased opinion.

I guess it also helps to be a more diverse gamer.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   802d ago
***"Sure you can argue that XBL is $40-$60 but you are playing on a unified service where you still get "free" content from MS (sure most is XBLA content) but you get to KEEP IT if you cancel XBL."***

What is free that you get to keep? Online gaming? Youtube? Or are you talking about giveaways? If so then that argument is invalid as it is a giveaway and NOT an actual feature that comes with being a member by default as you would have had to be a member at the time of the giveaway.
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A LIVING LEGEND  +   803d ago
while PS+ isn't on the same level as sliced bread,it is a decent service imo and I'm not easily impressed,rarely in fact.
The service offers a genuine value so long as you aren't afraid to find it......

The reverse logic fearmongers that claim the 50$ fee is only a cover for further fees should consider compiling a typical years worth of PS+ content for less.
Nevermind the convenience.
Could it improve?,of course it could and likely will.It is optional and not a requirement anyways.Pretty simple stuff.
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Lockon  +   803d ago
Time to buy PS+ again!
o-Sunny-o  +   802d ago
Xbox live gets free Doritos games I'm so jelly! *_* You only pay once this guy says? You pay Microsoft rent money to play half every game made for 360.
o-Sunny-o  +   802d ago
My first year owning PS3 I got...
Over 15 PS1
Over 12 PS3 games
Over 6 PSN games
My downloads patches and uploads my clouds saves every without a finger lifted. Only with PS+ I got games 50% through 75% off and kept them.

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