Unboxing: Tomb Raider Limited Edition Xbox 360 Controller

Melonie Mac got her hands on the Limited Edition Tomb Raider Xbox 360 Wireless Controller early and has shared an enthusiastic unboxing video with everyone!

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denawayne1884d ago

Can I get that precious 4 minutes of my life back?

DarkBlood1884d ago

lol then you watched it because?

denawayne1882d ago

It was so bad I had to sit through it

ScubbaSteve1884d ago

And, this is why gaming media hires women to pretend to be gamers. If people could hurry up and get wise to this ploy maybe I wouldn't have to listen to any more E3 interviews about David Jaffe's penis.

MelonieMac1884d ago

No one paid me todo this. I just made a video on my channel. I've been gaming all my life, and I'm darn good at it too! ;p

I understand that girls who aren't gamers and make videos for the wrong reasons are annoying, but you shouldn't discredit every female because of it.

1884d ago
flappersack1884d ago

Love the look of that controller!

MelonieMac1884d ago

Indeed, it's a gorgeous controller :)