BioWare Set to Segregate Gays in Star Wars, Outrages Homosexuals and Homophobes

In the virtual world we are set with few rules and regulations to abide by, our imaginations are taken to cities around the world, planets across the galaxy, and worlds beyond our own. But, when we begin to interact with other characters or people, our real world personal values can conflict with those of the virtual one. With that, the Daily Reaction crew of Sebastian Moss and Dan Oravasaari discuss the continuing controversy of same gender relationships in video games.

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doctorstrange2156d ago

BioWTF. Seriously, who there thought that was a good idea?

Foolsjoker2156d ago

Implementing the option just to segregate it is ridiculous.

joab7772156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

I don't think that's what they did. What's crazy to me is all lack of reality. I just watched Lincoln and forgive me for the comparison because slavery should not be compared with gay rights. But, after everything Lincoln did, at the end, one congressman was still angry with him because because he didn't use stronger language concerning the right of free men to vote. Now, Bioware has been a pioneer and just like all businesses, money Is their bottom line. If u support the cause, u should applaud them for putting their necks on the line financially to push an ideal. If u don't agree, then bioware probably ticks u off. But, remember, they are constrained too and could easily ignore the cause altogether. So, as everything has happened in human history, good or bad, it happens in increments. Sure, get pissed off at them and maybe they will stop fighting the fight.

TrendyGamers2156d ago

I can't see how they thought it was a good idea.

pixelsword2156d ago

Who cares; just about all women are men in games anyways.

konnerbllb2156d ago

Bioware: Let's have people pay to be gay!

Consultant: I don't th..

Bioware: * interrupts* it's a genius idea, we're going with it.

Aloren2156d ago

That's such a ridiculous article. It's not segregation...
As of now, there's no SGR in the game at all.
They're adding some in the first expansion of the game, which happens to be a new planet. So yeah, at first the options will only pop on that world.

Calling this segregation is just like saying Arkham City is misogynist because you had to pay more to get a chance to play with a female character.

DragonKnight2156d ago

Man, you're all making a mountain out of a mole hill. Here you're all ready to lynch BioWare for supposed segregation when you're forgetting some important factors. First, BioWare have been among the biggest supporters of same gender relationships in games. What, does that all of a sudden disappear with this? Second, they could have decided to not implement the feature at all, would that be better? Third, this is a preliminary thing and no one knows what the future is going to bring, and yet you're all jumping on the "BioWare is anti-gay, let's burn them at the stake" bandwagon.

I find it laughably ridiculous that so many say things like "you can't judge a game before you play it" trying to tell people not to jump the gun about game design choices, and yet in the same breath with little information available you're all ready to pounce on BioWare citing insensitivity to the LGBT community by making the option to be gay a paid feature. I also find it laughable that the the authors of this piece berate people for having the opinion that homosexuality is wrong, telling them to grow up and they aren't entitled to have a say in every gaming design choice, and then conveniently flip the script to attack BioWare when BioWare could have said "screw all of you, none of you get to play as a gay or lesbian anything."

In a world where people segregate themselves, and homosexuality has devolved into a political correctness issue instead of just a basic fact of existence, the real hypocrites rear their ugly heads armed with ignorance and a desire to just find something to b*tch about.

If you're playing an MMO just so you can have any kind of relationship, maybe you're spending too much time gaming. BioWare has made a lot of mistakes, but this stuff just came up and you're all ready to get the pitchforks out in defense of something I bet most of you do nothing about in the real world.

pandehz2156d ago

Cant believe you got disagrees.

Ppl are blowing this way out of proportion and so is the media. N4G is becoming like The Sun, Fox news and Kotaku.

If there was one chief editor with some ethics he/she prolly wouldn't allow a biased headline like that

Roccetarius2156d ago

All this boils down to is getting people to talk about the game. It's what companies do, especially EA since they're hated already.

Look at the recent Dead Island controversy. That was a PR stunt as well.

solid_warlord2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Console gamers are made of pre dominanately by male gamers who enjoy mostly shooters...not guiter heroes. Since im free to my own opinion, i believe that gay is not somet that should be encouraged in console gaming. Since PC gaming have alot of RPG and lets face it, thats were most gays play. I think console should remain the way it is. Not give gays or anyother groups any special attension. I aint being a homophobe, i have no problem with homosexuals as long as they leave me and my family alone then they can do whatever they do.

Aloren2156d ago

That was funny.

"gay is not somet that should be encouraged"

"PC gaming have alot of RPG and lets face it, thats were most gays play"

"i have no problem with homosexuals as long as they leave me and my family alone "

Sorry to tell you, but you may think you "aint being a homophobe", but the way you talk says otherwise.

solid_warlord2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )


Not at all. Im just stating, ur free to do what ever u do. I wont attack u and ur belifes and u dont attack mines. It was a rational and logical comment. No cursing or bad language used. But i should quote that NOT all PC gamers are gay and NOT all console gamers are hetrosexuals.

Aloren2156d ago

Well, that bit about gays leaving your family alone is still a little weird.

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AngelicIceDiamond2156d ago


@pic Looks like the village people the Star Wars Edition lol.

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Foolsjoker2156d ago

Is it me, or would you actually like to see George Lucas make a Star Wars remake with the Village People? Couldn't be worse than what he has been doing.

doctorstrange2156d ago

Young Men's Clone Association?

MuhammadJA2156d ago

As much as I agree with you about People being born the way they are whether straight or gays, the same can be said about pedophiles and necrophilia. Everyone is born with their own desire. Nothing is a choice.

Beetey2156d ago

Smart. Do the thing that will make everybody mad.

knifefight2156d ago

Hey Bioware, how's the weather all the way back there in 1850?

Heisenburger2156d ago

Search your feelings.... you know this was a foolish decision.