IGN: Rainbow Vegas 2 Single-player Hands-on and Videos

IGN's Nate Ahearn writes:

"Call me old school, but I'm one of those gamers who can't begin playing a triple-A title in anything but single-player mode. I have to get through the entire solo campaign before I even think about scratching the surface of any adversarial or cooperative multiplayer. There's something about the experience of being completely engrossed in a storyline that can't be matched when someone else's voice is constantly ringing through my head. Just recently we had the opportunity to spend some time with the new single-player campaign for Rainbow Six Vegas 2. The story is broader, spanning more locations and featuring a new team of Rainbow operatives from what we saw in Vegas 1."

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Ureval3946d ago

Has there been any solid news on the nature of the matchmaking system for RVS2? Ive been trying to find something and except for a small blink-and-miss-it part in one of the videos it looks like they are going with something almost exactly like the last game. Im hoping for a more COD4 or Halo 3 setup.

Feihc Retsam3945d ago

Online matchmaking was strange, so was manually searching for games... Too many times the refresh didn't truely reflect how many people were in a lobby, and you'd go to join and it would be full.

The game will play great, but I think it looks VERY bland and half-assed. With COD4 looking amazing, R6V just doesn't stack up.

IC Weiner3946d ago

With all the first person shooters coming out this year I don't know if I should really buy this game.

Fishy Fingers3945d ago

Dont know why but im just not that excited by this. Im not usually a graphics whore but i just think this looks a little crap.

Hopefully they have improved the face mapping, that was always good for a laugh!

joydestroy3945d ago

day 1 purchase for me. i don't give a sh!t about graphics. the story will be tripple-A and so will the gameplay, whether it be single-player or multiplayer.

i guarantee this will sell a lot of copies.

Guwapo773945d ago

You'll find me on day one! Time for my old clan to form like Voltron (think Power Rangers for you young dudes), and rape face!

Feihc Retsam3945d ago

You could just say "AAA" and save yourself some typing... three A's in a row make "Triple A"

Farsendor13945d ago

this game is looking better and better the first one was cool this one could be great

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