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Ninja Gaiden 3 Prohibited in Germany

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge won't be available for purchase in Germany because of its violent content. (Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Wii U)

Kingofwiiu  +   738d ago
Why ? And then they go ahead and release GTA and Assassins creed amongst many others ? It's FICTIONAL VIOLENCE.

It contradicts all of the much more swear and violence filled movies that get released in Germany all the time.

The world is run by A holes.

Basically they have taken away an over 18 Germans right to play the video game of his choice. Meanwhile that same German can Play Blops 2 , ZombiU , AC3 on his wiiu which are about the same as NG3 in terms of violence. AC3 is the worst because it's set in a real event and is trying to be realistic.

NG3 however is a fictional game about Ninja's doing Ninpo magic and things. I'm confused :S
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   738d ago
You're missing the point Kingof'

Nintendo is for children!
So Obviously, the entire country of Germany, has no children (just short people who have parents).

Sorry, I was just trying to think like a Nintendo-hater - It's very hard to do- it doesn't make sense...
gpturbo81  +   738d ago
this coming from the same people that murdered jews.

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