Why Bionic Commando Is Finally Back In 2008 - And How The PSP Played Two Key Roles

Ben Judd, a producer at Capcom, is sympathetic to many an online complaint about the two Bionic Commando games he is producing - the first major new ones in 20 years - perhaps because he too can be a pest.

In fact, if Ben Judd wasn't good at being a pest, there probably wouldn't be anything for anyone to complain about. When MTV Multiplayer asked him last week at the Game Developers Conference why the Bionic Commando series was coming back after so many years on hiatus, he told them it was because he kept nagging his bosses about it, for the last four years.

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Magnus3942d ago

Good I want to see remakes of old games.

DemiseofPandas3942d ago

Wow it appears that if it weren't for Inafune there practically wouldn't be close to no next gen capcom games, between him giving the ok for Lost Planet, Dead Rising, and now Bionic Commando.

Daver3942d ago

Personaly, i think BC Rearmed looks fun but the next-gen game looks meh...its not a title that i will look forward..

JasonX433941d ago

Everything I know and love from the eighties is making a come back! First Transformers, then G.I. Joe, now Bionic Commando! What's next? Kid Icarus? Ikari Warriors?!

THE_JUDGE3941d ago

a hell of a long time to fight for one title to get a redux. I hope he makes it worth the effort.