The Wii U: Don't Knock It Till You've Tried It

The Wii U; like marmite, you seemingly either love it or hate it. But have you actually tried it?

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1upgamer991922d ago

I agree %100, so many people that "hate" Wii U, have not even sat in their own homes or a friends house and really checked out what it can do. Nope they would rather form their ignorant opinions without even giving it a REAL chance. I challenge any BOPS 2 fan to check it out on Wii U with a friend same room both online and compare it to their experience doing the same thing on another console. If you do that I think your view would change. Oh and snap some screenshots while your at it and post em.

Allsystemgamer1922d ago

I have tried it and I personally think it's a great system. So far there haven't been any system sellers yet but I'm keeping my eye out

Army_of_Darkness1922d ago

It's the fact that most of the good games are on the other platforms for much cheaper with not much visual difference and on top of that, there still isn't even a game out to showcase what the wiiU is capable of yet?? which is why I have not even considered buying a wiiU...

AWBrawler1922d ago


Nintendo Land showcases the Wii U gamepad very well, and so does zombiU

corrus1922d ago

They hate the Wii U cos is a one joke even PS3/360 are more powerful than Wii U


Nevers0ft1922d ago

I have a feeling you know this already, but no they aren't. The architectures are quite different, with the Wii U using a GPGPU and eDRAM and is a newer more efficient design... You're comparing apples and oranges.

bacrec11922d ago

I can turn my TV on and off with it. Nuff-said.

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KrisButtar1922d ago

To be honest I like Mario and Zelda, what I dont like is the gamepad, I make it a point to enter bestbuy when ever I am close and give it another shot, been there 3 times this month already. I'm not sure what it is about the gamepad. I now know the guys by 1st name at best buy and they joke around if today will be the day. My rule of thumb is "if you don't love it in the store, your not going to love it at home" so it sits at best buy until the next time I'm in the area.

mydyingparadiselost1922d ago

I went to best buy to try one while waiting for my pre order and I wasn't impressed either. It's a WAY better experience at home. Not having to have the pad tethered, the miiverse and internet browsing, none of that comes through in the store setup. I'm not a fanboy, I've played games on Atari 2600 to PS3 and I'm loving the WiiU so far, barely even touch my PS3 now and seriously CANNOT WAIT for Bayonetta 2. Hopefully someone you know gets one and you can experience the system in a better environment :)

KrisButtar1922d ago

Yup exactly, once one of my friends own it, you can be sure I'll be over checking it out. As I do know that there is more features than what I can use at bestbuy, and those features might be what it takes me to get one. Thing is I'm the one who dives in 1st and my friends follow, but we will wait and see

ElectricKaibutsu1922d ago


No harm in waiting! More games will be out. I like to make 100% sure of everything before I buy, so I can appreciate how you feel.

hazardman1922d ago

I don't own one but try it out everytime I go into gamestop. And I like it, but holding off til one of nintendos better exclusives come out for it like Metroid or Zelda.

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The story is too old to be commented.