GDC 2008: GameTrailers Robert Bowling Interview

The community manager of COD4 has heard your cries and he has responded, 3 new maps coming in spring 2008.

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LSDARBY3253d ago

W00t COD4 is awsome. But i want rumble for PS3. Do it IW

lalilulelo3253d ago

i want the DS3 to come out NOW!!!

RecSpec3253d ago

Just import a DS3, it's $60 off Play-asia. It will probably be 60 bucks here too. You haven't played Uncharted until you played it with a DS3 (maybe a bit much, but still)

IzKyD13313253d ago

why di they have to be so secretive, cant they atleast tell us what the environments for the maps are? (i.e. campaign based maps, new ones etc.)

Spring cant come soon enough!