The funniest Achievements and Trophies ever, part three: That’s so meta

Sometimes, developers use their awards to comment on games as a medium or point out something silly about the nature of these unlockables. Hang on for this one; it’s about to get deep.

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wita1712d ago

I forgot all about The Dishwasher!

darkronin2291712d ago

I remember missing the Get Shorty achievement by a few hours... guess I'll try again in the fall.

THR1LLHOUSE1712d ago

I like meta achievements. Those Eat Lead ones are pretty funny. Makes me wish the game had turned out better....

porkChop1712d ago

I actually really liked it. Sure, it wasn't amazing. But it was a lot of fun, and the gameplay was decent. I was working at Gamestop/EB Games at the time, and I thought the game was going to be shit. But when it came in we only got 1 copy for PS3, so I was looking at it and I was reading the front/back, and idk I just got the feeling that I should give it a chance. So I did, and I really enjoyed it. Don't regret it at all.

SybaRat1712d ago

I loved the one in The Simpsons where you got a cheevo just for pressing "Start."

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